Table Pedestal Christmas Tree Stand

Have you put up your tree yet? If you have you can pin this idea for next year!  

We had a Christmas tree dilemma this year... our puppy! 

As some of you know we adopted Sam last January but what you might not know is that Sam is a terror! 

If something falls on the floor for even a minute he has it and has chewed it to bits! 

Needless to say I was very concerned about our Christmas tree this year but I came up with a solution! 

See what we did...

snow globe Christmas tree

No, we didn't re-home Sam. 

sam on table

We also have another big dog and my youngest daughter just moved back in with us and guess what... she has a dog! Whatever you're thinking right now.... I know!! 😜

three dogs

I thought about getting a small tabletop tree this year but I was quickly out voted on that one. 

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We now have 3 crazy dogs and a cat so our usual Christmas tree in a crate was almost a no go.... Until I saw this idea on Pinterest! A pedestal! Raising the Christmas tree up a couple of feet should certainly solve most of the problem. 

christmas tree in a crate

But where to find a table pedestal? I searched Marketplace and asked a few thrifting friends, but I was also secretly hoping to find a free one on the side of the road. That would be my usual MO, but that would also be a Christmas miracle! 

Until I went to the thrift store with my daughter last week, and there it was! A pedestal table with the perfect pedestal! A vintage piece with a top that had been all but destroyed but the pedestal was even better than I had hoped for. It even had metal claw feet! 

damaged table top

What do they say about envisioning what you want and the world will make it happen?

I asked the price and it was just $4.99 because the top was a mess! And I had a 20% coupon, and don't even care about the top! So the pedestal table was almost free and now mine! 

The first thing I did was to remove the old top and save the hardware from the drawers. I may even repurpose the drawers at some point. You know I will! 

I had to saw off a little round peg that stuck out of the top then drilled a hole as deep as I possibly could with my drill and a 1" paddle bit. 

wooden pedestal with hole in top

I ended up drilling about 5" into the pedestal. 

hole in top of pedestal

I gave the tree a little test run in my garage to see if it would work and it was perfect! 

flocked tree in stand

Next, using Fusion Mineral Paint in Coal Black, I painted the pedestal base. 

painting pedestal with black

black pedestal table

This was coming out just as I had hoped! 

black table base

The pedestal legs had these gorgeous metal claw feet which I painted over with the black paint while I was at it. 

black claw foot

then used Rub and Buff in the color Gold Leaf to make the claw feet gorgeous. 

gold claw foot

I stuffed a little soft floral foam into the hole I drilled so when I dropped in the tree it would be a super tight fit. 

table legs for Christmas tree

That's it! 

tree stand with tree

I absolutely love the look of the tree on the stand dogs or no dogs! 

tree on stand in corner of room

I ended up using only the top two tiers of my Christmas tree. Using all three layers would make the tree too big for this stand. It is still over 6' tall! 

tree on pedestal with wreath

The tree is here temporarily since it is still early and it will definitely get more fluffing but I will leave it undecorated for a few days for the dogs to explore without ornaments. 

dogs checking Christmas tree


I'm crossing my fingers for the dog problem but the tree looks amazing on the pedestal anyway! It was a surely a small Christmas miracle! 

striped bow on top of pedestal

Another idea is to add a bow at the top of the pedestal... I think I like this idea! I'm not ready to decorate for Christmas quite yet, I still have pumpkins on my shelves. I'll bring out the tree again after Thanksgiving and decorate it with ornaments... maybe gold ones to match the pedestal claw feet! 

tree on pedestal with bow

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Christmas tree on stand with overlay


Christmas tree on stand with bow

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Table pedestal and puppy


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