Turkey Placemat Pillow

Happy November! Here's a super easy one for Thanksgiving! 

I found the cutest turkey placemat at the thrift store and the minute I saw it I just knew it was going to make an adorable Turkey pillow for Thanksgiving. 

I'm pretty sure you'll never come across a turkey placemat in your travels but if you do and if you can see past the turkey, you'll think of placemats in a whole new way! 

It will be the easiest turkey you've ever stuffed! Read to the end and see what cute details I added at the last minute! 

Take a look...


Turkey pillow and vases

I've repurposed many a placemat in the past but never a turkey placemat. 

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thrift store sign

This project began in the thrift store today where all these colors were half price!  You might think that is a great thing but let me tell you, it was so crowded I could barely get down the aisles! I guess we are doing a good job of sending people out thrifting! 

This turkey placemat was beautifully zig-zag stitched around every part of him. 

turkey placemat

His legs and his wings were loose and absolutely perfect for what I had in mind! 

I checked under his wing and found an area I could cut with scissors so I could stuff the turkey. No pun intended! 

pillow with slit cut under wing

I'm using Polyfil to fill the turkey but you can also use stuffing from an old pillow. 

stuffing turkey pillow

I stuffed and stuffed this turkey until he was ready to burst. 

turkey pillow with stuffing

Then I lifted up his wing and used hot glue to glue it down and cover up the cut in the fabric I had made. 

back of turkey feet

You will never know that I cut a hole to stuff my turkey front or back! 

back of stuffed turkey

That's it! He is the cutest! And I had one more idea... hang on! 

turkey pillow

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stuffed pillow on chair with overlay

The easiest turkey you will ever stuff! 

turkey pillow on chair


turkey and pumpkin pillows

And hopefully the only turkey I'll be stuffing this year! 

turkey in a basket


turkey pillow on chair

I decided in the end that I would add some tiny seed beads to my turkey. After all, the cute turkey pillows at target are adorned with beads...

turkey with beads

I added a beaded gobbler, beaded eyes, the buckle on his hat and in random places on the wings. 

beaded turkey pillow

I think the beading made the perfect final details! 

turkey pillow in a basket with beaded details

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watercolor turkey


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