Rustic Crate Santa and Christmas Tree

Today's project is a fun one! I grabbed a bunch of old tools and reclaimed pieces of wood to create a Santa and Tree. 

I didn't let the fact that I am completely out of wood stop me from making this project. 

I used what I had and these rustic decorations couldn't be cuter! 

Sometimes you just have to think out of the "box".

Take a look...

rustic stenciled tree and santa

I had an idea for a project but I was completely out of wood. 

I wanted to cut out triangles to make a Santa and a Tree but I didn't even have any scraps left. 

Until I spied it... an old crate! 

old wooden crate with metal edges

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Now never fear you antique lovers... I have several of them and this one was broken on one side. 

I used a jig saw and cut off one of the sides and got to work.

I cut out 2 triangles. The larger one for the tree and the smaller one for a Santa. 

triangle of rustic wood

But now the question was, what was I going to use for a base?  

Searching through my junk, I found an old hanger, a small piece of antique wood and a railroad spike.  An interesting combination if I do say so myself. 

I drilled a hole in the antique piece of wood and inserted the railroad spike with a little hot glue. 

drill and hole in small piece of wood

I cut the hanger and added it to a scrap piece of wood that was too small for much else. 

rustic stands for Santa and tree

There, those were the stands for my tree and Santa. 

tree and rail road spike tree

I used E6000 and glued the triangles I cut to the stands. 

I sanded the edges to smooth the triangles then added a 25 for Christmas to the tree triangle that already had some of the original label on it.  

bingo stencil from old sign stencils

I used the Bingo stencil from Old Sign Stencils. The numbers come in very handy on projects like this rustic Bingo Advent Calendar I made a few years ago! 

stencils on reclaimed wood triangle


On the top of the tree I added a star I made gold with Rub and Buff Gold Leaf. 

stenciled tree with star

I made a green stain with a little green paint and water for the tree just to give it a little color. 

green stain and stenciled tree

Lastly, on the tree I distressed the edges with a black ink pad and a soft foundation brush to give it an aged look. 

triangle tree with stamp pad and brush

Now for the smaller triangle on the railroad spike.... 

painting a triangle Santa

I painted a cute little Santa on that one and added baking soda to the white paint to give it some texture. 

Santa with textured paint beard

On both I tied a coffee stained ribbon and that was it! 

rustic Santa and Tree

Aren't they so cute?!  I love their rustic look! 

Santa and Stenciled tree

See, I knew I would come up with something today!


Santa and tree with coffee stained bows

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tree, Santa and overlay

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reclaimed wood Santa and tree

Old Sign Stencils provided me with the stencil, all opinions are my own


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