Reclaimed Wood Christmas Ornament Display

This year I need to figure out a new idea for Christmas. 

As you may or may not know, we have a puppy. Well he just turned one but is still very much a puppy! I can not even imagine our usual 6' tree with ornaments anywhere near Sam. 

I'm thinking of getting a 3' tree and putting it on a table but what about all my special ornaments? 

When I saw a gorgeous oak wall rack for ornaments on Antique Farmhouse I knew I had to make one of my own for all of our special ornaments.  Needless to say the cost of this beautiful oak ornament rack was out of my budget. 

See how it went...

hanging wall display piece on hook rack

I began by gathering wood in my workshop. The only problem is that I am very low on wood. All I had left were a few scraps and a broken canvas frame. 

canvas frame pieces

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I had an idea and this was purely an experiment from soup to nuts!  

First, I removed what was left of the canvas off the wooden frame then cut 2 pieces that were about 17" long.

I used my jigsaw to round the edges, the top in one direction and the bottom in the other. 

rounded wooden ends

I had a lot of holes to fill from the staples so I used wood filler then sanded it smooth. 

wood filler in wood

Now I cut 2 more pieces from the canvas that were 10" long each. I measured the distance between the pegs on my kitchen peg shelf to determine how wide I needed the shelf to be. 

wooden cross bars and saw

These shorter pieces would be my cross bars. 

I measured to figure out the placement of the cross bars before I nailed it together. 

tape measure and wooden sides

Using wood glue and a brad nailer I attached the middle pieces. 

cross bars nailed to sides of wood

Now it was time to sand and paint the frame. I used brown chalk paint and water to paint on and wipe off the paint which left a stained look and the wood grain showed through. 

stained wood sides

I let that dry for about a day until Amazon could deliver the pegs I needed. I found a package of tiny pegs that would be perfect! 

package of wooden pegs

I measured where I wanted the holes to be and put a dot where I needed to drill. 

stained ornament rack

I prepared my drill with a piece of painter's tape because I didn't want to drill too deep for the pegs and come out the back. 

drill bit with tape

Once all the holes were drilled I filled the hole with wood glue.

wood glue in holes for pegs

I pushed each peg down securely then let it dry overnight. 

pegs in center wood pieces

peg shelf with unpainted pegs

In the morning I painted the pegs with the same mixture of paint and water. 

stained pegs with wreath

At the top I used 2 pieces of my husbands old belt to create loops at the top of the piece and attached them with the staple gun and small rounded staples. Lastly, I gave the whole thing a coat of matte sealer. 

leather belt loop

I just 💗LOVE💗 the way this came out and the best part is it was totally made from reclaimed materials!

ornament display on pegs

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ornament display with ornaments, greens and overlay

I'm going to hang it on the wall pegs and hang my favorite ornaments... So sorry Sam! 

ornament display with stockings

After Christmas this can be used to hang jewelry or whatever cute little decorations you collect. I know I will have no problem filling it up! 

rack with stocking banner

The stocking banner above was made with a thrifted placemat... details coming soon! 


Wooden display with wreath


Peg shelf with hanging ornament display

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ornament display with ornaments and greens


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