Recycled Wool Christmas Trees

Good Morning Friends! Let me just start out by letting you know that I've done this project before... ten years ago!  

I made recycled boiled wool Christmas trees and sold a ton of them at the local craft fairs.  

Those green wool trees with their clothespin trunks were very popular! 

This year I inherited new recycled wool fabric and I'm making more stuffed Christmas trees this with a little twist!

Take a look...

basket of wool tree ornaments

These recycled wool Christmas trees were made from a wool scarf my son-in-law. It got thrown into the washing machine and if you don't know... that's a no-no for wool! 

felted wool scarf

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Wool fabric gets felted when it is put in the wash, especially with hot water. (So if you want the look... that's how you do it! )

The Christmas trees I made 10 years ago were made from a boiled wool jacket I found at the thrift store. Boiled wool is a little bit different and boiled wool jackets were very popular years ago. The process is the same as the oops in the washing machine and it is technically called fulling

boiled wool jacket

This is a simple project and all that is involved is a little cutting, hot gluing, stuffing and loving! No sewing involved... unless of course you want to! 

First, I folded the wool scarf in half. I decided how tall I wanted the trees to be and cut off the folded scarf at that length. 

cut scarf fabric

My wanted the wool part of my trees to be about 8" tall so I cut off 8" of the scarf doubled. 

I cut triangles from the wool then used hot glue to glue the 2 slanted sides together with a cotton macrame twine loop at the top. 

wool triangles and macrame twine

hot glue on inside of felted triangle

I'm using a cinnamon stick for the trunk. It was a package I bought a Michaels and broke each cinnamon stick in half. The good part about this is that it smells so nice. 

triangle of wool and cinnamon sticks

I stuffed the triangle tree with pillow stuffing from an old pillow and glued the bottom closed with the cinnamon stick in the center. 

stuffing in wool triangle tree

At the top of the tree I tied a jute knot and then pinned a gold bell with a small gold safety pin and a tiny antiqued clothespin. You can read about how to antique those clothespins in this story. 

pins and bells on tree

trees with bells and pins

I also added a coffee stained tag to some of them! I used clickable capital letter stamps that make perfect tags! 

clickable stamps, stamp pad and tag

wool tree with coffee stained tag

That's about it!

wool Christmas trees in a pile with tags

If you're a crafter that is looking for a craft fair project, this is it! They sold like hot cakes! AND These recycled wool trees are available on my Etsy Shop in small, medium and large sizes. 

Christmas trees with bells and tags

I made several that were 12" from the bottom of the trunk to the top of the tree and a few that were 10" and then a couple smaller ones. I was getting carried away as I usually do but they are so darn cute and easy to make! 

several trees in different sizes

These cute trees are great to hang on the tree, on pegs, tie to packages, or fill a basket. 

basket of wool trees

Please pin for later --->> 

wool Christmas tree with overlay

You can add the loop or leave it off and spray paint the metal hangers to match your pin and bells. 

Basket of wool tree ornaments with overlay


recycled wool trees with tags

I hope you'll give these easy wool trees a try! Of course you can make them with any fabric but I've always loved making them with recycled wool! 


basket of all size wool trees


wool tree with cinnamon stick trunk and overlay

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recycled trees in a basket


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