Decoupaged Snowman Wreath Banner

Today I was on line in TJMaxx and if your TJMaxx is like ours, you can stand in line forever! 

Along the line the aisle is packed with things you "may have forgotten" while shopping. 

Today I must have forgotten snowman napkins because the cutest little snowman shaped napkins jumped into my cart! 

And you can bet I'm not using them as napkins! 

Take a look...

snowman banner on stone wall

These were the most adorable snowmen napkins I've ever seen and the best part is that they are snowman shaped! They almost have a vintage 1950's look! 

bag of snowman napkins

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Well don't you know my mind started creating right there in line at TJMaxx! 

I knew just what I was going to do with them. 

opened napkin with 4 snowmen

When I got home, I got to work. When I opened the package I realized that each napkin had 4 snowmen on it. 

Really? I only really needed one, maybe 2 napkins for my project! Then I'd have the rest of the package to make something else! So I got started. I grabbed a box from the garage and cut off the flaps. I just love working with cardboard! It's free, it looks great, and you are recycling!! 


I was only going to make 4 snowmen because I want to hang this small banner on a wreath. If you notice, the snowmen face in 2 different directions. 

I used a piece of graphite paper, better known as typing paper to all the seasoned women out there. I slipped the graphite paper between a piece of cardboard and the napkin and when I trace the shape it will trace onto the cardboard. I'm only tracing the outer edge of the snowman napkin, about 1/4" all around. 

napkin on graphite paper

snowman and cardboard

I cut out 4 snowman shapes from the cardboard box flaps. You will need to flip two of the cardboard snowmen over so you have 2 facing in one direction and 2 in the other. This is important when you glue on the snowmen. 

4 cardboard snowmen

I then cut the snowmen apart on that one napkin and peeled off the three layers. I was only going to use the top layer with the design.

napkin layers and cardboard

Next, I gave the cardboard a coat of off white chalk paint I'm using Waverly Chalk Paint in the color Plaster. 

painted snowmen shapes

I let the paint dry then put a coat of Mod Podge over the paint and let the Mod Podge dry. 

coat of mod podge on cardboard snowman

Then using a small craft iron and parchment paper, I ironed the snowman napkin shape onto the cardboard. Don't worry if the napkin hangs over. 

small iron and snowman under parchment


snowman decoupaged to cardboard

Now using a small sander, I went around the snowman shape and sanded off the napkin that hung over the cardboard. 

small sander on edges of snowman

Now it was time to distress my snowmen. I used a Distress Ink pad and a soft brush to brush around all the edges of the snowmen. 

distress ink and snowman

They looked even better distressed! 

distressed snowmen

See the difference? ...

before and after distressed snowmen

Now you can stop here but you may want a backing on your snowman banner. 

burlap ribbon backing for snowman and glue

I decided on a 5" burlap ribbon and glued the snowmen to the burlap then cut around the cardboard. This glue worked great! 

burlap backing on snowman

The burlap was perfect! 

I used a heavy duty hole punch to go through the cardboard and made 2 holes in the top of each snowman's hat. 

hole punch and 4 snowmen

I wanted a distressed look on the macrame twine I was using to string the snowmen so I ran the twine through the stamp pad, holding it down with a sponge pouncer. 

ink pad and macrame twine

I strung my snowmen in 2 sets facing one another. 

snowmen hanging on a wreath

I added coffee stained painter cloth bows between them. 

coffee stained ribbon on macrame twine

That's it! 

decoupaged snowman

This is the cutest snowman banner! 

circle of snowmen on twine

I made the banner small so I can hang it on a wreath for Christmas. 

snowmen hanging on wreath


Wreath with snowman banner

The banner can also be hung by the mantel and if that's where you want it, you may want to make more than 4 snowmen. 

snowman garland on mantel with pot

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snowmen and overlay

wreath with snowmen and overlay

I hope you like this vintage looking snowman banner! I had fun making it too. 

4 snowmen


Snowman garland on stone wall

If you are interested in purchasing a few snowman napkins to make this project, please send me an email and I will let you know if I have any left. 

wreath with snowman banner

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4 snowmen on a wreath


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