Anthropologie Inspired Chunky Christmas Stocking

When I saw it, I loved it and just had to make it myself! 

The chunkiness, the color, and the embellishments! My favorite was the mushroom but today I made the candy cane embellishment because it was easier! 

If you're a fan of Anthropologie you're gonna love this! I had the perfect recycled sweater so I got to work! 

Take a look, it took no time at all...

chunky stocking on pegs with overlay

I began with the perfect sweater. This sweater was my favorite until it got too many pulls to wear. Not too many pulls to craft with however! 

chunky recycled sweater

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How to make a chunky Christmas Stocking:

I laid the sweater on the table and began cutting from the bottom of the sweater up around the arm pit of the sweater to make a stocking shape. Using the arm pit area made the foot of the stocking go in the opposite direction. 

sweater arm pit area

You have to be a little careful with knitted material, you don't want it to unravel. Here's how it came out after cutting...

cut out stocking shape

I carefully flipped the stocking shape inside out and hand stitched around the raw edge of the stocking. One edge was the seam of the sweater so it didn't need sewing. 

hand stitching edges

stitched edges of stocking

When the hand stitching was done I turned the stocking right side in. See how the foot is going in another direction?

right side in stocking foot

I cut a small piece from the inside seam of the sweater and twisted it to create a sturdy loop hanger and stitched the loop to the top corner of the stocking. Notice the bottom of the sweater makes the perfect top of this stocking! 

knit loop

Now for the embellishment...

Like I said, I am choosing the candy cane embellishment because it was easy to replicate. 

I took a piece of red ribbon and hand stitched along one side so I could gather it into a candy cane shape. 

red ribbon candycane

I stitched the red candy cane to the stocking with a few stitches of red thread then using a piece of white embroidery thread, made the stripes around the red ribbon. 

stitching stripes on candy cane

By the way, this sewing kit has everything you need including a ton of different skeins of embroidery thread in every color and the best part is that it was very inexpensive.

sewing kit

The stocking at Anthropologie has either a Christmas tree, a mushroom, or a star as well as the candy cane so you can choose your favorite to embroider onto your stocking or just purchase the whole stocking! 

top of stocking with candy cane


stocking with candy cane and rolled top

I'm so excited about this stocking... it came out just as I had hoped it would!  I can't wait for my husband to fill it! It's going to hold a lot! 

chunky Christmas stocking on pegs

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stocking with overlay

And then I went ahead and made another one...

Anthro knock off stocking with a Christmas tree

This one has a cute little embroidered Christmas tree! 

embroidered Christmas tree

So go grab an old chunky sweater and make yourself an Anthropologie inspired Christmas stocking! It took no time at all to make! 

stocking on pegs with candy cane

set of 2 chunky stockings on pegs


stocking on peg hooks

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chunky stocking with overlay


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