Repurposed Christmas Wall Art

This project is a wall art makeover.  I know, kinda strange but I've done it before and I'm doing it again. 

I'm creating a stenciled Christmas tree farm sign from an old painting that hung in my house. 

This project definitely had some challenges but the new stenciled Christmas sign looks great in my home now! 

Take a look...


Christmas sign over hooks

Repurposed wall art. That's what I'm calling this faded long horn bull print makeover.  

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I hadn't even really noticed until someone pointed out to me that my painting had faded. It wasn't even up that long but all the browns in the painting turned purple from the sunlight. 

long horn bull with purple

I could have just thrown it out but you know me, I love a challenge! I've at least gotta give it a try and do something with it before I do throw it out. 

Here goes... I began by scraping all the texture off this painting. It had patches of thick paint, or glue, or something within the painting and I was able to scrape most of it off with a paint scraper. I'm making a rustic sign anyway so it's all ok. 

scraping texture

When I was done scraping I sanded a little bit too then taped off the edges of the frame with painter's tape because the picture didn't come out of the frame.

wall painting with painter's tape on frame


Next, using Fusion Mineral Paint in Coal Black, I painted the canvas. I didn't do a great job, I gave it one coat and went in every direction hoping to make the canvas look distressed.

black painted canvas


While I waited for the paint to dry I got started making the lettering for my side using my Cricut Joy vniyl cutter. This little machine can do big things! 

long piece of lettered vinyl on table

After I weeded the letters from the vinyl I used the transfer tape to lay out my design. 

vinyl stencil on canvas

I put painter's tape between the stencils and anywhere the letters were a little too close to the edges. 

vinyl stencils on canvas

I used Waverly Chalk paint in the color Plaster to stencil the letters. I went in different directions and tried to make the lettering come out distressed. 

white paint stenciled in vinyl stencil

I pulled off the vinyl and tape and had a few little spots to touch up with the black paint but you'd never know! 

Christmas tree sign lettering

Lastly, I used an antiquing decorative glaze to paint on the canvass then wipe off with a rag. 

staining letters with a rag

The glaze gave this repurposed Christmas sign a rustic look. I love the way the letters look distressed too! 

lettering with staining

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Christmas tree sign with hooks and overlay

I'm happy with the new sign and I'll add it to my collection of repurposed wall art Christmas signs.  Visit this one to see another one of my favorites! 

Christmas tree sign


I hope you'll consider giving your old art a new look before throwing it out, even if you only hang it up for one season! 

Christmas tree sign with hooks and wreath


Christmas tree sign art on wall

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Christmas tree sign on brick wall

Fusion Mineral Paint provided me with the Coal Black paint, all opinions are my own. 


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