Dollar Store Block Carrot Picks for Plants

Here's a simple project using Dollar Tree stacking blocks to decorate a vase of flowers or plants for Easter. 

dollar tree blocks

This project uses the stacking blocks from Dollar Tree. 

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They are similar to the Jenga blocks I've used for many projects but smaller. 

stacking blocks

I began by gluing 6 blocks together in the shape of a carrot and one block across the top. 

blocks in shape of carrot

I used hot glue to glue the blocks together. 

On the top I drilled a small hole to add a sprig of greenery. 

drilled hole in top of block stack

Any kind of greenery will look adorable growing out of the top. 

carrot top and blocks

Orange craft paint and a dry brush gave me the distressed look I was after. 

orange paint and carrot

I used a fine grit sandpaper to sand the edges of the blocks. 

I added a wooden skewer to the back of the carrot with hot glue and it was ready to stick in a plant. 

carrot with wooden skewer

Add the carrot to a vase of flowers for a cute decorative look for Easter. 

Give a bouquet of flowers with a carrot pick for an added little gift! 

carrot in flowers

You can make several carrots from one dollar box of blocks! 

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carrot in flowers with overlay

carrot pick with overlay

Leave off the skewer and you can fill a bowl or a tiered tray with wooden carrots too. 

carrot pick in flower vase

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wooden distressed carrot in flowers



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