Reclaimed Wood Valentine Heart

Today I'm gathering a pile of reclaimed wood and constructing a heart for Valentine's Day. I'm down in the workshop just messing around to see what I can come up with. 

pallet heart with a bow on a wreath

The first thing I did was to lay the pieces of wood I found on the table. 

reclaimed pallet wood

The pieces were basically all about the same thickness.

It looks like a big mess, I know!  

Once I lined up enough boards I flipped them all over. 

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I attached paint stir sticks to the back of the wood pieces with wood glue and screws to secure the pieces of reclaimed wood. 

reclaimed wood with paint sticks

I would have used my nail gun with small brads but I was out of the brads so screws were my 2nd choice. 

I created a heart template with paper and traced it onto the wood pallet. 

heart template on boards

heart outline on pallet wood

I used a scroll saw to cut out the heart. 

scroll saw cutting heart

You can also use a hand jigsaw for this project but a "perfect" heart shape is difficult to cut with the supports on the back. 

Next, I sanded the edges and the top of the heart using a coarse sandpaper pad on my electric sander. 

sanding the reclaimed wood heart

Once I got the wood sanded down, I drilled 2 holes in the top of the heart. 

hole drilled in top of heart

I rubbed hemp oil onto the heart to bring out the brilliance of the different woods. 

reclaimed wood heart

I inserted rebar wire into the holes and created a wire knot on the back. 

rebar hanger

I used a pencil to coil the wire down its length then attached the other end of the handle. 

I made a messy bow using scraps of ribbon and attached it with thin wire. 

pallet heart with bow

Now I can hang the Valentine pallet heart anywhere! 

pin button
pallet wood heart pin

It looks great on the board and batten wall in my living room. 

hanging heart on board and batten wall

It can also be hung on a wreath on the front door. 

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wooden heart on wreath

It looks great hanging on the brick too! 

Here is another rustic heart I made for Valentine's Day.

Here is another wooden pair of polka dotted hearts. 

wooden heart with bow on brick wall

You can add a stencil that says love, a house number, or nothing at all like I did. 

pallet heart wreath on front door

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pallet heart on hook




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