Kitchen Cutting Board Ideas for the Kitchen

Today I'm giving a quick look at my new kitchen and an easy upgrade to my cutting boards.  I've had a problem with my cutting boards sliding around the countertop lately so I gave them a quick update! ...

cutting board with overlay

I recently had my kitchen redone, well actually the whole first floor of my house and thankfully that is over now. 

Here are a couple of pics...

white kitchen with dark floors

As I'm finding my way around my new kitchen, one tiny issue I've been having with my large IKEA cutting board is that it slides all over the counter. 

I know if that is my biggest problem... 

        kitchen table and christmas tree

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I like to leave the large one out all the time, I like the way it looks on the white countertop and let's face it, we use it all the time. 

I had an idea to add some kind of feet to the bottom, but not anything like a knob or wood that would also slide. 

I decided to use the top of champagne corks. 

champagne corks

I have some very lovely friends that send me their corks and this time there were a bunch of champagne corks in the box. 

I used a small saw to cut the top off the cork, then dabbed on a little E6000. 

I used my Ryobi brad nailer to pop in a couple of small nails but you could just as easily use a hammer and a few nails to secure the cork tops. 

champagne cork feet on cutting board

That was such an easy thing to do, it took minutes and made a huge difference! 

side view of cutting board

No more slipping on the countertop! 

butter dish and tea towel on cutting board

Well, if you know me, I was next searching the kitchen for any other cutting boards that could use this quick update...

I had this small, round, very dried out cutting board in the closet and I decided then and there that it would not only make a great footed cutting board but a great riser as well! 

round cutting board

I added 3 feet in the same way I did the larger cutting board. 

round cutting board with champagne cork feet

I also wiped the cutting board down with food safe hemp oil to bring back the wood color. 

cutting board with hemp oil

Now I can use it as a small cutting board when we entertain...

round cutting board with knife and orange slices

or a riser to hold a candle. 

candle on riser

candle and matches on riser

It is also now great around the sink! 

soap and brush on riser

Just thinking outside the box to solve a problem everyone might have. 

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footed cutting board with towel and overlay

Even if you don't, it looks kinda cute! 

I also did this to the tree shaped charcuterie board I made for Christmas this year! 

round cutting board and spreader

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