Heart Shaped Rag Wreath

 In an attempt to decorate for Valentine's Day with a neutral pallet, I had an idea!  It just so happens that this idea is free to make too! 

heart wreath in a green wreath

I love the look of rag wreaths and I've made several different ones over the years. 

Today I'm using a simple piece of cardboard from a recycled box and rags of drop cloth fabric to create an adorable heart shaped wreath.

drop cloth and cardboard heart

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I began by cutting an open heart out of paper.

Fold a piece of computer paper in half then free hand a heart shape. 

Go back and cut another heart inside that one to get the open heart. 

paper open heart wreath

I traced the heart onto a piece of cardboard then cut it out. 

open cardboard heart

My heart is about 8" across. 

Using drop cloth fabric I cut fabric a piece of fabric that was 24" long. 

frayed strips of drop cloth fabric

I cut 1" slits along my fabric and tore it down the length of the 24" fabric. 

Next, I cut the strips in half. 

I hitched each strip of fabric around the cardboard heart. 

hitched fabric strips around cardboard wreath

I kept going pushing the fabric close together as I went around the heart. 

fabric strips hitched to cardboard

Lastly, I used the seam from the bottom of the fabric to create a hanger. 

seam from drop cloth fabric

I tied the seam into a loop and hot glued it to the wreath so it wouldn't slip. 

hanger for top of rag wreath

If necessary you can go around the heart and trim the fabric strips so they are all the same length. 

I think it came out so cute and it's perfect for my neutral decor! 

heart shaped rag wreath

It can be hung on a wreath or alone. 

heart rag wreath hung on a green wreath

The best part is that it was free to make! 

rag wreath heart

When you buy a package of drop cloth fabric it can be used for a ton of different projects! 

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heart wreath with overlay

heart wreath on green wreath hanging on door

rag wreath pin with heart wreath and overlay

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farmers market cabinet with rag wreath

This farmer's market transfer on this cabinet was a great DIY project from an old hutch! 


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