Easy No-Sew Heart Pillow

I'm back today with another no-sew project for Valentine's Day.  Truth be told I don't really decorate too much for Valentine's Day but I do love neutral crafts and decor of any kind...

bench with basket and heart pillow

This morning I'm starting with neutral scrap fabric in three different textures and an inexpensive pillow cover. 

pile of scrap fabric and grey pillow cover

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For all you color lovers you might want to use a red pillow cover! 

I cut out a heart template using scrap paper and used it to cut out a heart from my most textured piece of fabric. 

textured heart

Next, I drew the same heart shape onto my pillow cover. 

heart template and grey pillow cover

I cut strips of drop cloth fabric and another neutral fabric about 1" wide by about 3" long.

strips of textured neutral fabric


I alternated the strips around the heart I drew on the pillow cover and attached them with fabric hot glue. 

Hot glue and fabric strips

The strips are glued all the way around the heart. 

fabric strips in heart shape

fabric strips in heart shape

Next, I glued the textured heart shape into the center of the strips.

textured heart shape in center of strips


I glued close to the edge of the heart to seal the frays, you can also use Fray Check to keep your fabric from fraying more than you want them too. 

I went around the heart and pulled the end fabric pieces to fray the edges of each strip. 

frayed strip edges

Lastly, I lifted the strips around the heart and used more fabric hot glue mid way to secure the strips. 

no sew heart pillow on chair

That's it! 

Heart pillow and heart garland

The cute heart garland in the background was a recent DIY project too! 

heart pillow and red pillow

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heart pillow on bench with overlay

I stuffed my pillow cover with an insert and my neutral heart pillow for Valentine's Day was finished! 

neutral heart pillow on chair

It looks perfect on this cute grey chair from Target! 

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chair, bench and grey heart pillow

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heart pillow, garland and fireplace



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