Repurposed Cabinet Door Riser

Don't you just love a table riser? I like using them everywhere in my home. Today, I'll show you how to make an easy table riser using a repurposed cabinet door! 

riser on coffee bar with espresso maker and sign

I began this project with an old cabinet door. 

I was the lucky recipient of a whole bunch of cabinet doors when a local shop closed. 

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I chose a wooden riser for this project because it will match my home but you can certainly paint one too. 

As a matter of fact, I'm going to make another and paint it black to go with the living room. 

cut cabinet door

I began by figuring out what size riser I wanted then cutting off the sides of the cabinet using a circular saw. 

I started with the long sides, then cut the short sides. 

cabinet door scraps

By cutting the cabinet in this order the short sides made legs that were the exact size I needed. 

The beveled edges added great interest to the legs. 

When the pieces were cut I used a sander to sand all the edges, top, bottom and sides. 

cabinet door with sander

I used wood glue to attach the legs to the bottom of the cut piece of cabinet, then used a nail gun to shoot 4 small brads through the top of the cabinet. 

wood glue on leg of cabinet riser

You can also use small nails. 

table riser with legs

There are 2 sides to this cabinet door so I chose the shaker side as the top and the beveled side on the bottom. 

cut cabinet door shaker side

Lastly, I used hemp oil to seal all the sanded and cut edges of my riser. 

table riser with legs

A riser gives importance to items on a shelf and the varying heights add interest. 

table riser with coffee stirrers and sugar

You can also add cabinet handles to the riser and create a footed tray. 

cabinet door riser with handles

Another idea is to use the whole cabinet door like I did for this tray. 

white cabinet door with cup handles

All I did was to add handles to a white cabinet door that matches my kitchen cabinets. 

accordion hooks with wreath, shelf and tray

I put contact paper on the back to cover the holes then added tiny rubber feet to prevent the tray from sliding on the counter. 

Here's another one I made for the guest room from a wooden cabinet door using large chunky handles. 

wooden tray with black handles

pin button
table riser with sugar and stirrers and overlay

table riser pin

Repurposed cabinet doors can be used to make hundreds of projects like I did on Homeroad. 

coffee bar with supplies and table riser

That's all I had to do to turn an old cabinet door into a great riser for my coffee bar! 

coffee bar and mugs

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coffee bar shelf



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