Recycled Cozy Sweater Candle

Who's ready to get cozy? Do you live where it's cold and snowy? Here on Long Island we get all the weather! Right now we are expecting snow and after taking down Christmas, I'm ready to get cozy!

sweater candle with a light

This is an easy project and I've done similar a few years ago. 

All you need for this project is a recycled jar and an old sweater. 

sweater and jar

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If you have an old sweater or find one you like at the thrift store then this project is a cinch! 

If you only have what's left of a recycled sweater then I'll show you the hard way to make a sweater wrapped candle. 

First, since I only have part of the sweater, I wrapped the jar to see how much sweater fabric I would need. 

I cut the sweater to size making sure that I am using the finished end around the top of my jar. 

cut piece of sweater fabric

I began by running a stripe of hot glue down the jar and gluing one edge of the sweater fabric to the jar. 

gluing sweater to jar

I carefully wrapped the sweater around the jar then added another stripe of hot glue at the end being careful to tuck in any frayed edges. 

wrapping and gling sweater to jar

I trimmed the bottom of the sweater fabric to about 1" below the jar. 

sweater trimmed on bottom of jar

Next, I just glued it down to the base of the jar. 

gluing sweater to base of jar

That's it! 

bottom of jar with sweater wrapped

I wrapped the top of the jar with a length of jute. 

sweater candle with jute twine

Now if you have the whole sweater you can skip most of these steps and do it the easy way! 

Just cut off a sleeve and pull it over the top of the jar with the finished end at the top. 

Cut the sleeve about 1" longer than the jar and glue it to the bottom as I did above. 

I added one of my favorite remote flickering votive candles from Amazon and I have the coziest recycled winter candle!

sweater candle and votive

inside of candle jar


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sweater candle with overlay

You can add a piece of greenery or a pinecone to the jute for decoration. 

sweater wrapped jar with pinecone

You can make several cozy candles from one recycled sweater and now you know how to use the center of the sweater as well! 

I added my cozy sweater to my winter mantel with the DIY matte black candle holders I just made. 

winter mantel with mirror and candles

winter mantel ideas

Also, the DIY star garland is another easy paper project! 

lit sweater candles in the dark

And then... I made a few more in different sizes! 

sweater candle with votive

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sweater candle and rosemary bush

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3 cozy sweater candles


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