DIY Recycled Bell Garland

Never stop creating! Even if it means digging through the trash can in the morning! You never know what you'll find ...

bell garland with Nespresso cups

This morning while tossing something into the kitchen trash can I noticed the shine of a few small metal cups... ??

I pulled them out and realized they were the empty cups from the Nespresso maker Santa dropped off at our house. 

Nespresso cups

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I don't drink the espresso so these were a new find for me, my adult daughter is the coffee connoisseur. 

The little cups are actually metal and reminded me of little bells! 


I washed out the cups, made holes in the top and tried to figure out how I could make them into bells.

Nespresso cups with holes

I decided it would be great if they could ring so I grabbed a few jingle bells and wired them to the inside of the cups. 

Nespresso cups and a wired jingle bell

The bells are pretty just as they are in different shades of metallic so there is no need to paint them. 

The metal is thin so any dents can be smoothed out easily.

I ran thin wire through the jingle bell, around a tiny piece of toothpick, and through the hole in the top of the Nespresso cup. 

jingle bell with wire and toothpick

The thin piece of toothpick lets the jingle bell hang lower inside the cup. 

I used the wire that came out of the top of the cup to wrap around a small piece of ribbon

bell with ribbon on top

Next I decided the bells should be hung on ribbon to create a small garland. 

I tied each of the ribbons with the bells along another length of ribbon.

bell with ribbon tied to top

This came out so cute and it actually rings!!

The cups can be painted to make a garland for any season! 

bell garland


Bells may not be on your calendar right now but you can pin this project for later. 

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diy recycled bell garland pin

Bell with jingle bell and overlay


As for me, I think they're great for any season!

You can make a reclaimed wooden star like this one too! 

Bell garland on a wooden star

Where would you hang bell garland? 

I think they look great hanging with the easy Valentine Rag Wreath I just made. 

Bell garland and heart wreath on a coffee mug hanger

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