Recycled Fabric Valentine's Day Hearts

Sometimes when I find something in my travels it gives me an idea for a project. Like today and my trip to Home Goods...

stuffed striped hearts on peg hooks

I found one cute napkin in the clearance aisle for $1. 

The price was right and the fabric was so cute and perfect for Valentine's Day. 

red striped napkin

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It reminds me of an old fashioned ticking fabric. 

I brought the napkin home and started right away on my project. 

I cut out a heart from computer paper then traced it onto my fabric napkin. 

heart pattern on striped fabric

I cut out the hearts and like the heart garland I made recently, I used hot glue to glue around all but the bottom of the heart. 

I stuffed the heart with pillow stuffing then hot glued it closed. 

If you don't have pillow stuffing you can use a washed bed pillow if you aren't selling your items. 

striped stuffed heart

For the hanger I'm using rebar wire

I wrapped the wire around a pencil on both ends to create the swirls. 

rebar wire hanger

The ends of the rebar wire get poked through the top of the heart and twisted into a safe swirl in the back. 

rebar wire through top of striped heart

I hot glued a button to the center of the heart.

hanging heart with rebar wire and button


I loved it so I made 2 more, three hearts fit on the one napkin I bought. 

three hanging striped hearts

They are hanging on my peg shelf right now but they can also be added to a tiered tray, just twist the hanger so it hangs over the tray. 

three hanging hearts on peg shelf

The peg shelf has scrap wood added to the pegs to create shelves, I think I'm going to paint the whole thing black. 

accordion peg shelf with hanging hearts and shelves

These cute little hearts also make great Valentine's Day gifts! 

hanging heart and wreath

pin button
stuffed heart with overlay

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hanging striped hearts with overlay

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hanging hearts and tiered tray


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