Valentine Recycled Book Stack

Using books for DIY projects can be controversial. There are always those that feel the books should be saved...

books stacked with a valentine theme

I am saving these books in my own way by repurposing them once they are discarded by the library. 

old library books

Recycling is important to me so giving these old books a new life is a good thing. 

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I began by tearing the damaged cover off one of the books, it gave me a very cool looking textured binding. 

The other 2 books I painted. 

painting book red

One red and the other book white using Fusion Mineral Paint. 

When the books dried I glued them together with wood glue

The deconstructed middle book without the textured binding looks so good in the stack! 

stack of red and white book bindings

The next thing was to give the top book a cute heart stencil

heart stencil

When the stencil dried I gave the top book a quick sanding to distress it slightly. 

heart stencil on book stack

I wrapped one side of the book stack with a burlap ribbon then made a messy bow using all kinds and widths of ribbon. 

red book with burlap ribbon

Lastly, I glued the ribbon to the top of the stack.

top view of book stack with bow

Don't mind my busy body kitty in the background! 😹

book stack with kitty in background

These cute recycled books now look great as Valentine's Day decor! 

This tiered tray was a DIY project too. 

tiered tray and book stack

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book stack and overlay

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It can decorate shelves or display it near a Valentine's Day themed tiered tray.

plant, book stack and XO canvas on shelf


The XO deconstructed canvas project was one I did a while back. 


book stack and tiered tray valentine decorations

Book stacks can be made for any holiday! 

Tiered trays can be decorated for any holiday too! 

I made a small one for a tiered tray using scrap wood in the past. 

bow wrapped book stack with heart

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heart stencil on book stack with bow



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