DIY Black Matte Candlesticks

Every once in a while I get together with my oldest daughter for a project. Today we gathered a few thrift store items and a great can of metal paint...

black matte candlesticks on the mantel

If you've been following for a while you may know my daughter Kasey, she has done a whole bunch of home improvement projects on various apartments and homes. 

I've documented many of them including a few kitchen updates on a budget. 

kitchen with DIY wallpaper

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Today I wanted the look of those tall black taper candle holders without paying the price. 

I've been gathering candle holders from various thrift stores in our area and now it's time to make them rock! 

pewter candlestick

We are using a paint that Kasey used on her front storm door called Rustoleum Protective Enamel in flat black. 

candlestick with paint

It also comes in a spray paint.

Did you even know you can paint your storm door? 

She did a beautiful job, used this paint and to date has no scratches! 

Today I'm using the paint on my candle holders. 

paint and candlestick painting

Please try to ignore the huge mess on my counter tops! 😆 

The candle holders I found were aluminum, pewter and brass and the paint worked great on all of them. 

black candlesticks

They look shiny at first but trust me they dry to a beautiful matte black and you can't even scratch it if you try! 

black candlesticks

See what I mean...

black matte candlesticks

pin button
DIY thrift store candlestick pin

While we were at it I painted a ceramic pot I found at the thrift store. 

purple planter

The purple color was definitely not in my neutral color spectrum! 

I did like the cement like base it had so I decided to try the paint on the pot and see what happens. 

When the paint dried it dulled to a black matte color and I couldn't be happier! 

bust with plant and black planter

So why spend the $25+ for a set of black taper candle holders when you can get the look for about $6. 

The paper stars on the mantel below are great for any time of year and were an easy DIY project too! 

mantel, mirror and candlesticks

The greenery was another DIY project using dollar store supplies for Christmas! 

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mantel with mirror and black candlesticks

I'm adding and painting more candlesticks as I find them! 

black matte candlesticks on winter mantel

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mirror, mantel and candlesticks



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