Vertical Rustic American Flag Painting

 Are you ready for the summer months? 

All the red, white and blue and American flags? 🇺🇸

Making American flags is one of my favorite things to make and this one is the best! 

I was inspired by a flag I saw and I created one for my mantel that I love! ...

American flag on mantel with clock

I saw a beautiful hanging American flag on another website. 

I loved the vertical position the flag was in, not your traditional horizontal display. 

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I went straight to my workshop to see what I had to make a vertical flag of my own. 

I happened to have a wooden frame from another project and a piece of plywood. 

I cut the plywood to fit the frame with a circular saw and got started. 


The first thing I did was to paint the board white. 

white plywood

Now it was time for the stripes. 

I used 1" painter's tape to make the stripes on the plywood. 

painter's tape stripes for flag

Then I painted the spaces with red paint. 

red paint in taped off spaces

Next, I pulled off the tape while the paint was still wet. 

red stripes on plywood

My lines were not as crisp as I would have liked, I usually use Frog Tape which is the best, but I was out. 

red and white stripes with bleed through

When the red paint dried I went back in with a small paint brush and fixed the lines with white paint. 

Since this flag was going to be rustic I wasn't too concerned. 

Next, it was time for the blue field. 

I grabbed my favorite star stencil and figured out the size I needed for the field. 

I painted the blue field and let it dry with a fan. 

blue field and fan

I stenciled in the white stars with a foam pouncer. 

White stars stenciled on the blue

The next step was to distress the flag with sandpaper. 

You could use an electric sander but this time I just sanded with paper. 

Now it was time for the antiquing...

I used Rustoleum Transformations Decorative Glaze and a rag to wipe on then wipe off the glaze. 

I applied the glaze darker in some areas for a distressed look.

American flag with antiquing glaze

I dropped the plywood flag into the frame and I was done! 

American flag hanging in wooden frame

This was such an easy project and I love the look of this vertical hanging flag. 

vertical hanging American flag

The antiquing gel made the flag look old and worn. 

antiqued vertical flag

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American flag pin with overlay

I think I'm going to stand the flag on my mantel for the summer months. 


American flag on mantel


American flag on wall

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American flag hanging on wall


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