Over the Fence Planter

White vinyl fences in the backyard can be very stark. 

I'm always looking for ways to decorate ours. 

I've hung flags, wreaths, and baskets with an inexpensive dollar store find for years. 

Today, I'm creating a planter that hangs on the fence using a repurposed candle holder from the thrift store. 

It came out really cute and was super easy! 

Always keep your eyes open at the thrift stores for unusual finds and figure out what to do with them when you get them home. 

black over the fence flower pots

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For years I used over the door wreath hangers to hang decorations from the dollar store on our fence. 

door hanger

They were a great idea and worked well to hang all kinds of decorative things.

fence with flag

Recently I found this dusty old metal candle holder in the thrift store. 

dusty candle holder

I didn't know what to do with it when I brought it home but I did liked the loops at the bottom. 

candle holder and pots

I thought they would make great hooks. 

I began by using E6000 to glue terra cotta pots to the candle holder dishes

terra cotta pots on candle holder

The dishes had little points to hold candles but it didn't matter, they went right into the holes in the pots. 

terra cotta pot planter

I used black matte spray paint to paint the whole thing when the glue dried. 

I had these great hooks that were from an over door shoe organizer. 

I attached them to the back of the candle holder and they were perfect to hang the planter on the fence. 

I think I could have also used wreath hangers for the hanger.  

spray painted hooks

Just a few steps and I created this fun planter to hang on the fence.  

black pots on candle holder on the fence

black matte plant hanger

I need to fill the pots with soil and flowers and use the hooks to hang a basket at the bottom. 

black flower pots with green plants

I'm using faux plants to show you how beautiful a plant can look. 

I've gotta get myself to the nursery to buy some more flowers this Spring! 

green plants in over fence planter

The moral of this story is if you see something interesting at the thrift store but aren't sure what you're going to do with it... get it anyway! 

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flower pots and overlay

over fence pin with overlay

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hanging planter with real pansies

black matte fence planter with plants


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