Full Mirror Length Stenciled Frame

 Around here necessity is definitely the mother of invention. 

Every time I need something I check the basement to see how I can turn something I have into something I need. 

Today I needed a full length mirror for the guest room. 

My theme in the guest room is baskets and wicker so I had a great idea!...

cable knit stenciled full length mirror

I began this project with 2 pieces of 1"x4" pine 54" long and 2 pieces of 1"x4" pine 11" long.

I had these boards, they were already stained and a little beat up. 

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I attached the boards with one of my famous junk ideas that didn't cost me a dime. 

Don't ask me what it is, I have no idea but it was in my junk stash and it worked. 

metal connector

Now it looks like this...

full length wooden frame

I gave the frame another coat of stain using Transformations Decorative Glaze which is my favorite stain for everything! 

And bonus... it washes off your hands easily! 

Next, I used the Cable Knit stencil from Old Sign Stencils and a Behr Ultra Solid Gold paint sample.

I think the cable knit looks a lot like a basket weave. 

I recently used this stencil on a glass vase.

old sign stencils cable knit stencil

I stenciled onto the frame using the gold color which I knew from the start was going to be too yellow for me but I had plans. 

cable knit stencil

I went up and down the sides and top of the frame with the stencil. 

cable knit design on frame

I used very little paint so the stain would show through and there were definitely places I had to fudge the stencil because of the width of the frame. 

stenciled frame

I used a dark brown craft paint to fix any places I had to. 

Yellow cable knit stencil

When the stenciled frame dried I went back over the paint with the Transformations glaze. 

transformations glaze and a rag

This not only darkened the yellow but gave it a great antiqued look and filled in any dings in the wood with a darker color. 

Now it was time to attach the mirror to the back of the frame. 

I bought the mirror at Target for $7.

You can use clear plastic mirror clips that are available in most hardware stores. 

full length mirror

I went back in using the stain rag to dab darker spots in places.

antiqued stenciled mirror

The darker spots make the stencil look distressed in places. 

distressed painted stencil

imperfections in the cable knit stencil

I am in love with this distressed cable knit frame and it only cost me $7! 

full length mirror

pin button
cable knit frame pin with overlay

cable knit mirror

This mirror is looking great in the guest room! 

stenciled mirror in bedroom

stenciled frame

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cable knit mirror in bedroom with table and baskets

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