American Flag Decorative Crate

If you've ever run across a great cardboard box and thought, "There must be something I can do with this great box"...

Then you're my person today! 

I've been collecting these blueberry crates from BJ's lately. 

I'm sure you can probably find them at other big box stores or even the grocery store.

Honestly, just about any kind of cardboard box will work for this project...

These great blueberry boxes came home with me when I needed boxes to carry home my groceries. 

cardboard blueberry crate

When I got them home I realized they were just the kind of heavy box you want to use to store something on shelves. 

If you're using a regular cardboard box for this project you can cut it down so it is a low box. 

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I filled my basement shelves with these boxes and now I'm thinking there must be something else I can do with them.

With the summer holidays coming up I knew just how to decorate one! 

I began by painting one of the boxes with a neutral beige color. 

cardboard box painted beige

Next, using the American flag stencil set I purchased on Amazon a while back, I began by stenciling the red stripes. 

I think I've used these stencils about a million times since I bought them! 

American flag stencil

Next, I painted in the blue field. 

American flag on cardboard box

Any craft paint will do for this project. 

Lastly, I filled in the white stars over the blue when it dried. 

stenciled stars and stripes

Next, Using the large star pattern that came in the set, I stenciled all the way around the box with blue paint. 

blue stars on box

Isn't it cute?!

box with blue stars

In the past I decorated a wooden crate in much the same way but these cardboard boxes are so much easier to find! 

red white and blue stenciled crate

Now this heavy box will be perfect to fill with plates and utensils for a Memorial day or Fourth of July party. 

The garland wrapped around the box was another Homeroad project for the summer months! 

American flag utensil and plate holder

You can also make a few and fill a shelf for the summer holidays. 


American flag box on a shelf

They are so sturdy that they will last a good long while! 

box filled with plates and red white and blue garland

Fill them with fruit on the kitchen island, line the inside with a plastic bag and use it for cans and bottles of libations, or fill it with flowers! 

painted cardboard box

Make several! 

After all, they were free! 


flag crate on shelf

Another idea is to stain the crate, giving it an aged look! 

stained red white and blue crate

I used Transformations Decorative Glaze, it just wipes on and wipes off!  

stained red white and blue crate

flag crate and overlay

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flag crate with fabric garland


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