Stenciled Boho Wall Art

Today's project was inspired when I saw something similar at Marshalls. 

If you love the boho look, you're going to like this easy stenciled project. 

I knew it could easily be done at home for minimal cost. 

Take a look at this fun wall art project...

boho prints in frames

I began this project with 2 black KNOPPANG frames from Ikea. 

ikea frames

The size you'll use is up to you, I just happened to have these from a garage sale which are 12" x 16". 

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painter's cloth fabric

I cut 2 pieces of painter's cloth fabric a few inches smaller than the glass of the frame. 

ikea frames and fabric

I frayed the top and bottom of each fabric piece. 

I painted one piece of fabric black with a foam roller using Fusion Mineral Paint in Coal Black. 

roller and black painted fabric

The foam roller, gloves, and a tray came in a set from Dollar Tree and worked great! 

black painted fabric and roller

When the black paint dried, I used this fun stencil from Old Sign Stencils called Stitches.

stencil with boho design

I stenciled an off white color that matched the painter's cloth onto the black fabric.  

stenciling white paint on black fabric

Next, I used the Coal Black again to stencil on the unpainted drop cloth fabric.

black paint on white fabric

black paint on painter's cloth

This gave me a black on white, and white on black look. 

stenciled fabric with stitches stencil

I let the fabric art dry then sprayed the fabric with spray starch and ironed it flat using parchment paper. 

starching stenciled fabric

By the way, the spray starch from Dollar Tree works better than the expensive brands! 

Lastly, I inserted the fabric into the frames with a white background. 

black and white stenciled fabric in frames

These pictures came out looking just like the ones that inspired me! 

black and white framed boho pics

The biggest challenge of this whole project was photographing the pictures without a glare!

black and white boho wall art in frames


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framed boho art with overlay

I'm hanging them on the wall over my husband's desk in the office. 

This stencil was also used on these fun boho projects. 

framed boho art

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boho framed wall art

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