Red, White and Blue Frayed Rag Garland

Happy Memorial Day weekend friends!  🇺🇸

And let's remember today and always, those that gave their lives for our freedom! 

Today I made an easy frayed rag garland flag to hang around my house. 

I love the colors of the flag and this easy project can be left up all summer!

rag garland on a wooden star

I began this project with red, white and blue fat quarters I bought from JoAnn fabrics.

fat quarters in red, white and blue

You can find many different kinds on Amazon too

I also used a piece of white scrap fabric for the white strips. 

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I clipped the ends of my fabric every inch and tore the fabric down the length, the size is up to you.


My fabric strips were about 1" x 14". 

For the first garland I hitched the strips around a piece of macrame cord. 

I had a lot of cord leftover from my recent macrame projects.

red, white and blue fabric hitched around twine

First I hitched the blue strips and then the red and white strips. 

I hitched 12 blue strips then alternated 12 red and 12 white strips for my flag garland. 

blue and red strips of fabric

That's it, I hung it on the wooden star I made a while back that hangs in my kitchen waiting for the next holiday decoration to adorn it. 

wooden star with garland

I made the wooden star similar to this one

wooden star with garland on wall

I had more fabric leftover so I started another garland. 

This time I tied a wooden bead to the ends of the macrame twine. 

I tied each of the fabric strips to the string with one knot on only one end. 

knotted fabric scraps

First I tied all the blue strips, then all the red strips. 

On the blue strips I hot glued a white doilie that reminded me of a star on the field of blue. 

doilie on blue field

doilie and strips of fabric

This garland looks great hung from my DIY repurposed hook rack. 

hook rack with flag garland


summer garland pin with overlay

It also works tied by my front door on the board and batten wall I built a while back. 

board and batten with flag

These garlands are so easy to make and they can be made with new fabric or recycled clothing from the thrift store. 

rag garland with overlay


sign up box

board and batten wall, sign and rag garland


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