Macrame Hanging Plant Jar

I've been on a macrame kick lately. 

It is easier than you might think! 

Back in the day I was a macrame nut and I'm happy to say I remember how to to it! 

Today I'm making a hanging macrame jar for propagating plants or hanging faux plants like I do! ...

I began with 16 strings measuring 2 1/2 times the height of the jar I am using. 

My jar is a mason jar but you can use any kind of jar. 

twine hitched to top string

I hitched the strings to a length of twine that is folded over with a loop on one side. 

This is very much how I made a demijohn several years ago.

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The twine I used is a cotton 3mm twine available on Amazon and available in many colors

bolt of cotton twine

There was enough twine on this bolt to make a whole bunch of macrame projects! 

Next, I wrapped the strings around the top of my mason jar, pulled one string through the loop and tied a knot. 

Leave these strings long so you can tie beads on the ends later. 

macrame twine around top of mason jar

I spread out the hitches evenly around the top of the jar. 

Now it was time for the knots. 

I tied box knots around the top row, check Youtube for a video will help you if needed. 

box knots on jar

I continued the box knots all the way around the jar. 

box knots down the length of a mason jar

When I got to the bottom of the jar I gathered all the strings and tied a knot around them. 

bottom of jar with gathered strings

I left the strings a little longer so I could tie beads on the ends. 

beaded bottom of jar

Next, I gathered 3 strings about 3' long and tied them onto the top of the jar in 3 places with wooden beads

wooden beads on hanging twine

I knotted the 3 strings at the top to hang the jar then added beads to the strings from the original ties. 

mason jar with macrame and a plant

This macrame jar was really very easy to make, it is just tying knots and pulling the string down the jar as you go! 

hanging macrame jar with plant

Add water and a piece of a plant to propagate a new plant or use a faux plant like I did. 


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macrame mason jar with overlay

This was so fun to make and really took no time at all. 

macrame planter with plant

macrame jar with plant and overlay


I'm hanging my pretty planter in the bathroom I just redecorated. 

hanging planter in bathroom

If you're interested I painted the fixtures in this bathroom and couldn't be happier with the results! 

painted black matte faucet


bathroom with hanging planter

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hanging planter with macrame



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