Repurposed Rustic Mirror Frame

What is your decorating style?  

I've always been a farmhouse fan, and then just loved the modern farmhouse look we used in our new kitchen.

I'm also a child of the 70's so the Boho look had my heart and I'm happy to see that it's coming around again. 

Today I'm working on a repurposed, rustic, Boho frame for an old mirror...

I'm just a mish-mash of styles, I love them all. 

This is a wooden roller window shade that I didn't need anymore. 

wooden roll up shade

I've used this shade for several other repurposed projects on Homeroad. 

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For each of those projects I pulled the slats out of the shade and used the pieces to create something new. 

Today I'm using the wooden slats to create a new look on an old mirror. 

old pitted mirror

I've been redecorating a bedroom in our home, I'm using neutral colors and all kinds of baskets, wicker, and rattan. 

I'm decorating this mirror that has old pitted glass and giving the frame a rustic wooden rattan makeover. 

I began by cutting a slat the height of the mirror frame, I used large scissors to cut the slats.  

wooden slats glued to frame

I used wood glue to attach the slats to the mirror frame. 

wooden slats glued to frame

And then I cut a slat to fit across the top. 

wooden slats glued to mirror

I kept cutting slats and attaching them to the frame until I covered the whole frame.

wooden slats on a frame

When I was finished and the glue dried,  I sanded the wooden slats to give the wood a rustic look. 

sanded wooden slats

This old frame now had the perfect rustic Boho look!

It's going to go perfectly in the bedroom I'm decorating! 

rustic frame with cement planter and greens

Mirror and cement planter

The cement vase was another Homeroad project and goes perfectly in this room too! 

rustic frame and fish lights

This frame is pretty enough to hang anywhere!


I have another old frame just like this one and I'm ready to make another frame for the kitchen.   

Rustic mirror in the kitchen

pin button rustic mirror and overlay


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rustic frame



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