How to Make a Rustic Succulent Garden

Recently I was given a bag full of individual succulents. 

I'm not a big plant person but I have been known to keep succulents alive. 

Today I'm going to make an adorable planter garden for these plants. 

I'm thinking it will make a great Mother's Day gift! 

How to Make a Rustic Succulent Garden

The first thing I did was to locate a long narrow crate. 

I had this one in the pile of things I want to turn into something one day. 

The crate was just the right size for these small succulents. 

How to Make a DIY Rustic Succulent Garden

I'm going to give the outside of this crate a white washed technique to add a little color and let the rustic texture of the crate come through. 

If you watch the short video below, you can see how it is done with a dry brush and a tiny amount of white paint. 

Do this all the way around the box.

How to Make a DIY White Washed Succulent Garden

Once the white paint dries its time to add a little stencil decor on the outside. 

I began with a small botanical stencil I found on Amazon

You can find the products I used or similar products I recommend by following the bold links. 

First I located the center of the box.

How to Make a DIY Stenciled Succulent Garden

I laid the stencil first on one side of the center and then flipped the stencil over to create a matching design on the other side. 

In the center I used the flowers from the Fresh Cut Flowers stencil from Old Sign Stencils

You will just love these stencils, they are well made and can be used on many projects by using bits and pieces of the stencils like I'm doing here.  

DIY Stenciled Succulent Garden

This understated design was just what I was looking for. 

Rustic DIY Stenciled Succulent Garden

The next step is to add the succulents.

You may want to line the box with plastic or landscape fabric before you start.  

I learned a lot about succulents when I did a post for Martha Stewart Living many years ago. 

I also just finished a succulent garden in a vintage frame that sold for big bucks at a school auction recently. 

You can read all about them by following the green bold links.

I spaced the succulents along the inside of the crate, starting with the largest in the center and the smaller ones on the ends.  

Rustic Stenciled Succulent Garden

I filled the spaces in the crate with Spanish moss and small pebbles

The moss will keep the moisture in the crate and the rocks add another natural element to the garden.

How to Make a Rustic Stenciled Succulent Garden Gift

The succulents sure look a lot better in their new home and I'm hoping they will be happy and grow. 

DIY Rustic Succulent Garden Tutorial

Stenciled Rustic DIY Succulent Planter

Make a Stenciled Rustic DIY Succulent Planter

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Make a Stenciled Rustic Succulent Planter


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