Recycled Amazon Mailer Flower Sack

Here's one for you... a recycled Amazon plastic mailing bag. Yep, you heard it right, and if this doesn't give you another reason to shop nothing will! 

Amazon plastic mailer inside out

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Recently I made an American flag flower pocket using an aluminum cookie sheet from Dollar Tree. 

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I had friends on my Facebook page guess what I made it from. 

Someone guessed an Amazon mailer... hmmm I thought, that sounds crazy! 

Well I am just that crazy guy to give it a try! 

I used Fusion Mineral Paint in Upper Canada Green, which happens to stick to almost anything so why not a plastic bubble mailer?

First I turned the Amazon mailer inside out folding the top edge to the inside about 3". 

I painted one side of the mailer and let it dry. 

first coat of green paint

This was an experiment so I had no idea if it would work. 

After it dried I could see that it was not flaking-off as you might think. 

So I gave the mailer a second coat. 

I didn't want it to be too thick because then I thought it might crack. 

I painted 2 coats on the other side as well. 

When the paint dried I used one of my Old Sign Stencils from Funky Junk Interiors to stencil a very appropriate sign on the bag. 

The stencil is called Wild Flower Seeds

There are so many new stencils you're going to love!

old sign stencil wild flower seed stencil

After the stenciling again, there was no chipping, flaking or cracking of the paint and I was not being gentle with the bag! 

stenciling with an old sign stencil seed stencil

I was pretty amazed. 

The little unpainted spaces you see are just paint job, nothing is chipping off. 

I wanted the bag to have a slightly distressed look. 

old sign stencil wild flower seeds

When the stencil dried I took it outside and flipped it upside down over a jar and sprayed it with a sealer. 

flower bag upside down for sealer

Next, I punched 2 holes in the top of the bag and added a twisted rebar wire

Wild flower seed bag

Then I added a big buffalo check bow and that was it. 

flower basket on front door with flowers and bow

I added faux flowers but you could seriously fill the bag with anything... it's waterproof! 

flower basket on the front door with flowers and a bow

I thought about adding dirt and planting flowers inside... that might be my next delivery from Amazon.

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flower basket made from a mailer and overlay

I may seriously keep ordering from Amazon just to get the bags to recycle into these cute flower sacks. 

flower basket with a bow and faux flowers

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