Make an Easy Rag Garland with Bells

Today I'm talking EASY Christmas decor!

If you've been around a while you may know that I love garlands, especially bell garlands. I string them all over my house! 

I'm creating a very easy garland and I'm taking a few short cuts! 

This bell garland is an easy and quick project that will look great hanging just about anywhere this season! 

Take a look...

fireplace with bell garland

So recently I made large bells from soda cans and they were a hit. 

DIY bells

Not only did they look like the bells you buy at the store, they were a great way to recycle! 

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Today, I'm taking a short cut. I'm buying the bells. A package of small brass bells that are adorable. 

package of bells

I'm using them right out of the package but you could certainly white-wash them or give them an easy rust technique too. 

First I grabbed an old piece of drop cloth fabric and tore off about 5' of 2" strips. 

strips of drop cloth

I strung the bells onto the strips tying a knot at each bell. 

bells and rag strip

In the center I tied the strips of fabric together.

rag garland with bells


I used a white jute to tie onto each bell to jazz up my garland just a little bit more. You could also use colored ribbons if you're a fan of color. 

white jute tied to bells

garland with brass bells

Lastly, I had a resin star ornament that came with my latest thrift store find

bell garland with green star

I gave it the same awesome treatment that I gave my bell project and the star now looks just like the bells! 

bell garland with star

circle around brass star

I attached the star at the bottom of the garland and it jazzes up my garland even more. 

circle of bell garland with star

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bell garland pin


bell garland with brass star

That's it!  Hang it around a wreath, over a door, on the fireplace, across some peg hooks... anywhere you want a little Christmas jingle. 

hanging brass bell garland

vintage bell garland and office sign

Yep, they even jingle! 

brass bell garland on stones


bell garland on mantel

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garland with brass star


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