Sleigh Ride Christmas Sign on Repurposed Canvas

🎵 Oh what fun it is to ride... 🎵

Actually... Oh what fun it is to repurpose! Especially when it is something headed to the trash and ends up to be fabulous!! 

Today I'm repurposing the second of 2 large canvas paintings my daughter was throwing away. 

I just love how it came out and I can't wait to hang it up for Christmas! 

Take a look...

Chalkboard sleigh ride sign with bells

This chalkboard looking Christmas sign started life as this less than desirable painting. 

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old painting with leaves

After passing it back and forth a few times, my daughters decided it was headed for the trash. 

Enter Mom! I decided that both of these paintings needed a new life. You can read all about the first painting here.

This time I am taping off the wooden frame and spray painting the canvas with a black matte spray paint. In order to get the chalkboard look the paint will need to be flat matte. 

wrinkled black painted painting

It doesn't look like much right now and the wrinkles pretty much go away when the canvas dries. 

When the paint did dry I used my Cricut Joy machine to cut the lettering I needed for this sign. My Joy machine is certainly getting a workout lately! It was so worth the investment! 

cricut joy machine

I laid out the lettering the way I wanted it to look. I had an inspiration piece but I was changing out the wording. 

vinyl lettering

Next, I used a white craft paint to stencil in the lettering and removed the stencil while the lettering was still wet. 

white lettering on black sign

I used painter's tape to create the lines between the lettering and a small snowflake stencil in between the top lines. 

painter's tape and lettering

I let the lettering dry, removed the painter's tape from the frame,  then it was time for the chalkboard technique. 

If you have any mistakes on the black you can spray some of the spray paint you used into the cap and use a small brush to fix any imperfections in the black background. 

sleigh ride lettering


I used a cheese grater to turn a couple of chalk sticks into powder then used a soft brush to rub the chalk powder all over my sign. 

black board look sleigh ride sign

Lastly, I used a matte sealer to seal the sign. I hung the rusty bells I recently decorated on the side of the sign, it just made sense! 

sleigh ride sign with rusty bells

I just love the way it came out, some of the wrinkles are still in the canvas but it doesn't matter to me!  I can not wait to hang it up in my home! Another item saved from the dump! 

chalkboard sleigh ride sign

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two Christmas signs

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sleigh ride sign and pillow pin


sleigh ride sign

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sleigh ride sign on bench with bells


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