Glittered Dollar Store Candle Craft

These candles are a cinch to make! See how easy you can turn a dollar store candle into a holiday treasure! I'm making these candles in an American flag design but the same directions go for any occasion! 

glittered candle with American flag design

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I began with a couple memorial candles from the Dollar Tree and any kind of napkin with an American flag design. 

white memorial candles

The memorial candles the dollar store sells come in different colors and different designs but these are the plain white ones with no labels

I cut one section of the American flag napkin and peeled apart the layers. 

American flag napkin layers

I'm just using the top decorative layer of the napkin. 

Next, coat the candle with Mod Podge or white glue, I was careful to cover the whole candle. 

I carefully placed the napkin onto the candle starting at the center of the napkin and smoothed the sides to avoid bubbles and wrinkles. 

napkin wrapped memorial candle

You have to be gentle so you don't rip the napkin. 

Now I gave the whole candle another coat of Mod Podge. 

two flag candles with Mod Podge

Then holding my candle over the garbage can (or a napkin if you are saving the glitter), I sprinkled very fine iridescent glitter onto the candle all the way around. 

glittering a candle

I let the Mod Podge and glitter dry for a few hours then tied on a red raffia bow

American flag candle with raffia bow

I will be sure to remove the bow if and when I burn my candle to avoid a fire. 

I love this project and it is so easy! 

I did a similar project with these candles and dollar store supplies over the holidays

As a matter of fact I liked this project so much I made another using a piece of blue decorative tissue paper I purchased at the Dollar Tree while I was there. 

These decorative napkins are very similar to the tissue paper I used. 

American flag and a blue glittered candle

I just love this beautiful blue! 

glittered blue candle

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tiered tray dressed for the Fourth of July and candles

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