Burlap Candy Corn Decoration

Here is a cute last minute candy corn decoration you can make for the Fall. All you're going to need for this project is wire, burlap, and paint! 

Fall decorated mailbox

Before the season gets away from us I've got a quick, inexpensive candy corn project for you...

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I began with a piece of rebar wire that I shaped into a large candy corn. 

wire shaped like candy corn

Next, I grabbed a piece of burlap

natural burlap

I hot glued the wire to the burlap, be careful not to burn your fingers on this one! 

wire glued to burlap

hot gluing wire to burlap

After gluing, I cut the burlap about 1/4" around the edge of the wire. 

cutting around wire

I folded the burlap around the back of the wire and glued it down. 

wrapped burlap

At this point you may want to add a ribbon to cover the raw edge of the burlap. 

I attached the ribbon after I painted the candy corn. 

ribbon to cover salvaged edge

Now all that is left to do is to paint my burlap shape like a candy corn. 

orange, white and yellow paint

I just eyeballed a straight line and painted 2 coats of each color onto the burlap. 

painted burlap candy corn

I painted 3 wooden beads with white, orange and yellow as well and added them to a ribbon to hang the candy corn. 

painted beads

On the bottom of the candy corn I made a tassel using orange jute twine and attached it with hot glue. 

orange jute tassel

pin it

candy corn with overlay

This cute candy corn can be added to a wreath or hung by itself on the door! 

Candy corn decor

burlap candy corn with tassel

I decided to hang it from my very fancy Fall decorated mailbox, it holds up to the elements very well! 

mailbox with leaves

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hanging candy corn decor

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