Easy Eucalyptus Wreath

 Did you know it's really easy to make a wreath? Today my daughter stopped over with a couple bunches of preserved flowers from Trader Joes and a $1 wreath form from Dollar Tree. In minutes, she had a wreath!

wreath hanging on door

The branches of eucalyptus and another bunch of something we didn't know the name of were purchased at Trader Joes and didn't cost a lot of money, about $3 a bunch. 

eucalyptus leaves

Only one bunch of each were needed for this wreath. 

dried flowers

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Trader Joes has gorgeous flowers and plants. 

dried flower leaves and scissors

She began by snipping off pieces of each of the branches and wiring them using floral wire to the wire wreath form

If you wanted to you could use faux eucalyptus stems as well. 

wiring on eucalyptus leaves to a wreath form

You just keep adding pieces and going around the wreath until you get back to where you began. 

wreath with eucalyptus leaves

This wreath reminds me of a sage wreath I made using sage from my garden a while back.

I immediately hung it up on a wreath hanger in my office.

eucalyptus wreath

I was hoping she didn't notice and would leave it here. 

eucalyptus wreath

This beautiful wreath literally took minutes to make. 

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eucalyptus wreath pin

I'm glad she stopped by today and now I need a wreath of my own! 

eucalyptus wreath on white door

Unfortunately she didn't forget the wreath at my house but it looks great on her own front door. 

wreath on front door with oval window

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wreath on door

Too bad... it looked good on my door! LOL


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