DIY Hanging Headboard

I'm on my way to having my first ever guest room! Another one of my 4 children are moving on and I'm getting an empty room! Since she is taking everything from her room with her, I'm in need of some new furniture including a headboard...

grain sack headboard and matching pillow

I'm trying not to have to spend a fortune on this room since I am helping my daughter furnish her new place and working on a new kitchen too.   

The first thing I need to get is a bed for the new guest room. 

Truth be told I have a snoring husband and this might just end up to be my escape room. 

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I've been debating on a mattress and simple bed frame or a whole new bed with headboard

In an attempt to do this on the cheap I decided to go for just a simple frame and mattress

If you're in the market, I've read every review and have done the research! 

I decided to build a DIY headboard instead of buy one!

I made this one once before when another daughter needed a headboard

antique door headboard

We built a beautiful wooden headboard from an antique door. 

I searched Pinterest for headboard ideas and I saw a simple stretched canvas headboard that hangs on the wall. 

I could do this! 

I looked around my workshop for wood I could use but found only an old framed mirror made a while back. 

wooden frame from a mirror

I had an idea and removed the mirror. 

I was left with a frame the perfect size for a full size headboard. 

I made this mirror a while back with straight cuts and these metal connectors to hold the corners in place. 

connectors for a frame

I looked through my fabric collection and found a grain sack fabric I purchased from Decor Steals several years ago, there was just enough and it was a great neutral! 

grain sack fabric with blue stripes

I thought about padding the headboard but in the end didn't think it was entirely necessary. 

I cut the grain sack fabric to size then ironed the fabric to eliminate any wrinkles. 

Next I stretched the fabric around the frame. 

stapling fabric around the frame

I used a staple gun to attach the fabric all the way around.

It was a little difficult using horizontal striped fabric because I needed to be sure the lines stayed straight as I stretched. 

I lined up the fabric lines with the inside of the frame as I went to keep the lines straight. 

When I got to the corners I trimmed the fabric so I wouldn't end up with bunched up fabric. 

hospital corners on the frame

I created hospital corners then stapled the fabric tightly on the back. 

creating hospital corners on the frame

That's all it took to create a headboard that can easily hang on the wall above the bed. 

corners of the frame with fabric

grain sack headboard

While I was at it I made a simple matching pillow with the grain sack stripes going in the opposite direction. 

grain sack pillow

I'm patiently waiting to finish the room but for now I'm going with a simple headboard and pillow project! 

Grain sack headboard and matching pillow

The bedroom is a work in progress but here is a peek at the headboard in action. 

headboard on the wall

I added 2 D rings to the back of the headboard and hung it on the wall like a picture! 

DIY headboard in guest room

This was an easy project and it cost me nothing. 

headboard and pillow set

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2 pillows and headboard

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