Sherpa Christmas Trees

I've been working with a Sherpa jacket I found in the donation pile. I've made many different projects this season including these adorable Sherpa Christmas trees...

sherpa trees and stocking

This was such an easy project! 

All you need for this project is:

  • Sherpa fabric
  • pillow stuffing
  • sticks
  • wood slices

I began by cutting up the leftover scraps from my latest Sherpa projects.

sherpa shirt

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There are many Sherpa jackets and shirts available at the thrift stores right now if you don't have one in your own donation pile. 

You can also find Sherpa yardage on Amazon

sherpa fabric

I cut out 2 triangles, put the right sides together, and then hand sewed them around 2 of the sides. 

sherpa sleeves

sherpa trees

I turned the trees right side in then stuffed them with pillow stuffing. 

Sherpa trees with metal stars

Next, I made the stems using sticks from my yard. 

pin button

sherpa trees against a brick wall

I drilled a hole into the center of a wood slice and glued a stick from the yard into the hole. 

tree bases with sticks

I stuck the stem into the bottom of the Sherpa tree then sewed around both sides of the stick. 

Sherpa trees with wood slice bases


At the top of the tree I hot glued a metal star. 

sherpa trees with wood slices and a stocking

I told you this was an easy project! 

sherpa trees with metal stars

The trees can be made in all different sizes.  

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Sherpa trees with stars


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