Recycled Burlap Halloween Pumpkin Lantern

I love it when I can recycle garbage and turn it into something fabulous! That's just what I did when I recycled my plastic laundry pod container into an adorable Halloween lantern...

halloween lanterns and overlay

As I was doing my laundry and emptying the pod container I remembered adorable recycled pumpkins I saw on Pinterest a while back.

So I'm making one today and putting my own spin on it. 

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First, I cut eyes and a mouth into the front of the pod container. 

detergent container with eyes and mouth cut out

I used a box cutter, be careful with this but you don't really need to be too neat with the cuts. 

On the back I cut a space I could reach my hand into. 

large cut in back of pod container

Next, Using an old burlap runner I had in my fabric bin, I cut a piece long enough to glue to the bottom and up the front face of my container gathering extra fabric at the top with a clip.

You can use any burlap fabric you have at home. 

wrapping burlap around container

I found the center of another piece of burlap and glued it up both sides of the container and gathered the extra fabric at the top in the clip. 

wrapped burlap around container

You can see in this photo how I put the raw edge along the front edge of the container. 

burlap clipped to top of container

I basically wrapped the container like a gift. 

wrapping burlap around opening

I glued the burlap around the back of pod container carefully going around the large opening. 

wrap the opening with burlap

I wasn't too neat but it's the back LOL.

I used a piece of jute to replace the clip at the top and tie a tight knot. 

jute tie gather

Next, I made a bow using double sided wired ribbon and attached it to the top gather.

I added Fall leaves, a wire tendril, and small berries to my bow.

burlap bag with bow and leaves

All that was left to do was to add a small battery powered votive candle into the large opening in my burlap container.

These votives are very bright and work great!  

Be sure not to use a real flame candle! 

pumpkin with a battery votive

And turn on the light! 

Isn't he adorable?! 

burlap pumpkin with light

I love the way the light makes the container look orange like a real pumpkin! 

light up ghost and pumpkins

I'm adding this little cutie to the other DIY light up Halloween decorations in my entry. 

Please pin for later --->>

burlap jack-o-lantern with overlay

My favorite is the light up ghost! 

pumpkin lantern with lights

Remember... Recycle when you can or to turn your plastic containers into fun holiday decor. 

halloween ghost and pumpkins with lights

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burlap bag with bow and leaves


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