Repurposed and Recycled Pumpkin Lantern

I was inspired to create this project after seeing several metal ribbed pumpkins that held battery powered candles.  It looked like something I could create with repurposed pieces I already had at home. 

pumpkin mantel with pumpkin candle

I love finding inspiration out in the world then figuring out what I could repurpose, recycle, or reuse to create similar at home. 

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Here is one of the pumpkins from Kohls that inspired me.  

While this pumpkin was a great price to begin with, repurposing and recycling was on my mind. 

I began with the wooden slats from a broken roller shade.

wooden slat shade

I used a few of these slats to create this farmhouse style lantern recently. 

Today I'm going to create a pumpkin with 4 more slats. 

I began by soaking the slats in my sink. 

wooden slats in sink

I bound the pieces up into a circle as they became more flexible and let them sit for a few hours. 

sink bended wooden slats in a circle

When the slats were pliable enough to bend I punched holes in both ends of each slat with my heavy duty hole puncher. 

holes in wooden slats

If you haven't ever used a heavy duty hole punch, you're in for a treat. They punch through thin wood and thick cardboard! 

Game changer for sure! 

I let the wooden slats dry overnight bound up in a circle. 

curved wooden slats

Next, using a piece of raffia, I tied all the slats together at the top lacing through the holes and around the slats until they felt secure. 

pumpkin shape with wooden slats

At the bottom of the pumpkin I hot glued the slats together to form the bottom of the pumpkin. 

bottom of pumpkin with clothespin

Now it was time to make a stem. 

pumpkin shape with raffia and clothespins

I recycled a brown paper Amazon mailer and twisted it into the shape of a stem, you could also use a brown paper bag. 

amazon paper bag mailer

I cut the bottom of the stem so it would spread out and then hot glued it to the top of my pumpkin. 

paper mailer pumpkin stem

Next, I used another piece of the brown paper and twisted it into a tendril then glued it under the stem. 

I used one more piece of the paper mailer to twist into a circle and attach to the bottom of the pumpkin to create a base. 

circle paper bag base for pumpkin

In the center of the bottom of the pumpkin I hot glued a small white dish to hold a candle.

You could also use a wood slice to hold your candle. 

white dish in the center of the pumpkin

I used a flameless candle to sit in the center of my pumpkin. 

pumpkin shape with candle

You can decorate the base of the pumpkin with fall leaves and berries or leave it plain. 

flameless candle with fall foliage

You could also tie raffia or a bow at the top of your pumpkin but I am choosing to leave mine simple. 

I think my pumpkin looks just like my inspiration piece and I'm thrilled with the results. 

wooden slat pumpkin with candle

pumpkin lantern with fall foliage

I repurposed, recycled, and reused for this project and it almost cost me nothing to make. 

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pumpkin lantern with overlay


Pumpkin lantern on mantel

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Pumpkin mantel


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