Inexpensive Fun Halloween Projects

       Recycling and creating on the cheap are 
very important to me for any project. 

Inexpensive Fun Halloween Projects

Today I'm sharing a few inexpensive Halloween projects that look amazing and are fun to make. 

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The first project is recycled apothecary elixir jars.  A clearance purchase and a few recycled jars is all you need to create these fun jars for Halloween. 

Inexpensive Fun Halloween DIY Projects

Next is the recycled ghost light. Never has a recycled wine bottle looked so amazing at night! Almost all you need is a wine bottle and these fun cork lights. 

Fun Halloween DIY Projects

Speaking of ghosts... This easy and free recycled ghost lights the room on Halloween night with the flicker of a candle inside. 

DIY Fun Halloween Projects

This idea works with any photo for the season. Add a few scary antique portraits in with this amazingly great smelling mini pumpkin potpourri and you've got a treat for all of your Halloween senses. 

Inexpensive Halloween Projects

Thanks for visiting, I hope you have a fabulously
fun and crafty Halloween! 

Inexpensive DIY Halloween Projects



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