Dollar Store Block Pumpkin Wreath

This cute little pumpkin made with dollar store stacking blocks is adorable on its own but when paired with a fall wreath, it looks so cute! The blocks are $1 for a set and this is the second project I've made with them...

block pumpkin hanging on door

First, you're going to start out with the stacking blocks from Dollar Tree.

stacking blocks

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Previously, I made used these blocks to make the cutest pumpkins! 

Also fun refrigerator magnets! 

Today, I'm going to use the blocks laying flat and it's a very simple project. 

block pile and blocks in pumpkin shape

I laid out the blocks in the shape of a pumpkin. 

The blocks will need a base so I'm using a heavy piece of card stock

blocks glued to card stock

I glued the blocks to the card stock using white glue. 

When the glue dried, I cut out the pumpkin around the blocks. 

cutting out around the blocks

blocks in pumpkin shape

Next, I stained the blocks using orange craft paint and a baby wipe. 

paint, wipes and pumpkin blocks

This technique gives you a nice stained wood effect. 

I added a leaf which some of you may recognize from a Dollar Tree garden sign this summer. 

pumpkin with wire and leaf

The stem I made from a small piece of corrugated cardboard. 

I twisted it into the shape of a stem and used hot glue to glue it to the pumpkin. 

pumpkin with wreath and wire

I drilled a couple of holes into the wooden pumpkin and added a curly piece of rebar wire as a hanger. 

Lastly I tied a piece of repurposed placemat sting to the wire

You can also add a little Spanish moss around the stem if you wish. 

The pumpkin is cute enough on its own and you can certainly leave it like this to decorate a small spot. 

block pumpkin and brick wall

I am adding this block pumpkin to a fall wreath and I think it looks amazing now. 

fall wreath with pumpkin

I'm decorating my office door with a fall wreath with a dollar store pumpkin. 

wreath with dollar tree block pumpkin

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block pumpkin and pin overlay



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