DIY Scrap Fabric Christmas Gnome

Funny things about gnomes, you either love them or hate them.  I wasn't sure how I felt about them for a long time but then when I started making them myself I fell in love...

sherpa gnome and brick wall

I was making a whole bunch of scrap wood Santas recently so I was in the Christmas groove. 

I cut apart a Sherpa jacket my daughter was donating and the Sherpa projects flowed, including this one! 

sherpa jacket

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I began with a wire tree form I found at Dollar Tree this year. 

Dollar Tree wire Christmas tree form

I cut a piece of neutral fabric to be the base of my gnome's face. 

neutral fabric wrapped wire frame

I used this textured recycled fabric but you could also use drop cloth fabric or any other neutral fabric you may have at home. 

I'm using hot glue for everything on this project, the strings are a little messy but it works perfectly!  

Next, I cut a large circle of green velvet fabric. 

green velvet and pillow stuffing

I used a small amount of pillow stuffing for bulk then glued the green velvet fabric up and around the stuffing. 

stuffed green velvet fabric

To cover the messy edges I wrapped a piece of 1 1/2" ribbon around the waist of the gnome.

green ribbon waist band


For the beard and the hair in the back, I cut a piece of my recycled Sherpa fabric then wrapped it around the form. 

sherpa beard

At the front of the sherpa beard I cut a small opening that will be the gnome's mouth. 

Next, I glued on a wooden bead with only one hole in it for the nose. 

wooden bead nose

For the hat I'm using a piece of an old scarf. 

I folded one edge of the scarf and glued it around the form just above the nose. 

As you can see you can barely see the neutral fabric I began with, it is just the base of the face.

plaid scarf gnome hat

At the top of the scarf I tied a recycled ribbon and added a jingle bell

gnome with hat and bell

Now for the eyes and mouth, I used 3 small pieces of wooden dowel and painted a circle dot on each with the tip of an eraser.

eyes and mouth


pin button

Christmas gnome pin

Isn't he adorable?! 

This little cutie can be made in any color for any holiday

I just love using recycled fabrics and Sherpa on this project! 

Sherpa gnome for Christmas

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Gnome face


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