Farm Fresh Rusty Christmas Tree Sign

I just love a good Christmas Tree Farm sign, there are so many great ones out there. 

I also love a good story and this project has one. 

The sign I made for Christmas began life as a tropical leaf framed canvas print my daughter bought off Facebook. 

It was pretty ugly in my humble opinion but she liked it so ... fast forward a couple of years...

farm fresh rusty sign and bells

My daughter moved and sold the 2 prints to one of her sisters for her new apartment...

green leafed framed canvas

Fast forward another year and my daughter moved back home, because frankly, who the heck can afford to move out on a private school teacher's salary on Long Island?! 

But I digress... I have big plans for those 2 paintings. 

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The 2 leaf prints were in my garage so I did what any good DIYer would do... I took them to make over! Did I mention they were each over 3 feet long and taking up a lot of space in my garage?! 

I began the first makeover by taping off the wooden frame with painter's tape and painting the canvas white with Fusion Mineral Paint in Raw Silk. 

canvas taped and painted

While the white paint was drying I made stencils on my Cricut Joy machine. I only have the little machine and I'm hear to tell you it can still do BIG things! I've made a ton of things with this machine! 


cricut joy machine

stencils from vinyl

I attached the stencils to the painted canvas then stenciled in the words. 

stencil with paint

In the center of the canvas I am using a great Christmas stencil from Old Sign Stencils. I've used this stencil on some great projects throughout the years. You will definitely get your money's worth if you purchase this stencil! And note: the prices are in Canadian so US prices will look different! 

old sign stencil

When all the lettering and stenciling was finished I began the rust technique. I did it very much like the sign I made a while back. 

farm fresh sign with green trees

You will need Mod Podge Matte, cinnamon, and matte sealer. 

farm fresh stenciled sign

Basically I spread Mod Podge around the edges of the stencil, sprinkled on cinnamon, put more Mod Podge over the top of the cinnamon and let it dry. I used a soft brush to brush any cinnamon that wasn't sticking over the whole sign to give it an antiqued look! 

mod podge and cinnamon

The next step is a little tricky. I used a matte black spray paint and held it high above the sign and just sprayed randomly around the sign to give it a distressed and aged look. 

cinnamon and spray paint on sign

I also held the spray can sideways which made it spit out speckles, that was just what I wanted on this sign! 

cinnamon on sign

One last touch on the trees was a little white paint for snow then I let the sign, cinnamon and all dry and gave it one more coat of matte spray sealer. 

farm fresh sign with cinnamon

I could not love this sign any more!! It was exactly what I was going for and boy I sure took care of those old paintings cluttering up my garage. 

farm fresh sign with rust

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rusty sign with overlay


Here is where I am going to hang the sign for the holidays. It is a huge wall in our newly renovated first floor and the perfect place for this 3 foot long sign! 

sign hanging in hallway

Stay tuned for the second painted sign which I did with a completely different technique! 

Christmas sign with rust


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sign with rust

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