DIY Chicken Feed Bag Tote

I may be losing it a little with this project, or so my daughter has told me.  I saw a tote like this at a fair one time and when my other daughter, (I have 4) got chickens, this project was well on its way! 

chicken feed bag turned into a tote bag

First, I got ahold of a chicken feed bag. (a large dog or bird food bag made of plastic might do too) 

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This one is a bag made of a very heavy recycled plastic weave. 

The bags are made to carry 40 lbs. of chicken feed so you can be sure it's strong! 

Today I'm recycling this chicken bag into a tote bag. 

First, I turned the chicken feed bag inside out. 

inside out chicken feed bag

I cut the top and bottom off the bag to create straight edges for my tote. 

I started with hot glue, I glued the bottom of the bag closed, then folded over the top edges and hot glued the top hem. 

Next, I hand stitched the bottom of the bag with heavy duty thread for extra strength.

Now it was time for the handles. 

I turned the bag right side in and cut 4 holes in the top of the bag to add grommets. 

hammering grommets into the tote bag

I hammered large grommets using a grommet kit into the holes to hold the handles. 

For the handles I used the white rope

I cut the rope in half and taped the ends so they wouldn't unravel. 

I pulled the rope through the grommet and wired it to itself. 

Dollar tree rope with wire

I wrapped all the wire with jute twine to hide the wires and give the handles a more finished look. 

rope through grommet in bag with jute tie

That's all it took to turn a chicken feed bag into a stylin' tote bag for the beach or for shopping. 

Take a look at the vintage lining I made for a beach bag a few years ago.

I also used a tote to hold flowers on my front door

chicken feed bag with rope handles

chicken tote filled with beach supplies

My daughter wasn't as excited as I am about this bag. 

It seems all the other mothers carry designer bags and this mom will be sporting a DIY chicken feed tote. 

susan with chicken feed bag

I am more than sure I'm the coolest mom! 😉

Ya gotta be you!

tote bag made from chicken feed bag

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Author: Homeroad
Estimated cost: $5

Chicken Feed Tote Bag

Heavy duty tote bag made from chicken feed bag.


  • -chicken feed bag
  • -grommets
  • -rope handles
  • -hot glue
  • -jute twine


  • grommet set
  • hot glue gun


  1. I cut the bag to the size I needed, cutting off a few inches from the top and bottom of the bag. 
  2. I turned the bag inside out then hot glued the bottom closed. 
  3. I then used heavy duty thread to hand sew the bottom closed over the hot glue. 
  4. Next, I turned the bag right side in and folded the top of the bag over. 
  5. I cut 4 slits where the handles would go through the bag and used 4 grommets to secure the holes for the rope. 
  6. I cut 2 lengths of rope any length you desire and pulled them through the grommets. 
  7. I used wire to wrap around the handles to hold them together. 
  8. Next, I wrapped jute rope around to hide the wire. 
  9. That's it, enjoy your new tote! 
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