Tiny DIY Tiered Tray for Jewelry

This teeny tiny tiered tray was an idea I had after realizing I had an abundance of small terra cotta saucers for plants.  The most recent plant saucer I acquired was no larger than 2" across! 

terra cotta saucer with bird and overlay

What do you do when you have an abundance of something? 

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Craft with them! 

First I gathered my supplies:

The saucers are not as easy to find as I thought they would be online so you'll probably have better luck at a garden store or Lowe's.

There are some suggested saucers listed at the bottom of this post. 

The largest saucer I used was about 6", the middle about 4" and the smallest 2".

terra cotta tiered tray

The size you make it doesn't matter, just find 3 in descending sizes.

I couldn't resist making this cutie because all the dishes were in my shed!

I began by using E6000 glue and hot glue to adhere the first post, an old wooden spool,  into the center of my largest tray. 

I added the center tray with the same glue. 

terra cotta tiered tray with cork and spool

I used a cork for my next post then added the smallest dish. 

Use whatever you can find! 

In the center of the smallest dish I added a tiny finial.

On the very bottom of the tray I added another small saucer flipped upside down as a base.

Saucers made into a tiered tray

I waited for all the glue to dry then painted the tiny tiered tray with white chalk paint. 

If you love look of the natural terra cotta you could leave it natural and not paint.

Speaking of painting tiered trays, you may want to check out the makeover I just did.

white painted tiny tiered tray

I gave the dish 2 coats. 

A spray sealer will protect the chalky paint from stains. 

white tiered tray with amber bottle

This little tiered tray is the perfect size for on a desk or dresser. 

white tiered tray with nailpolish

If you wanted to you could also distress the edges of the dish with sandpaper and let some of the terra cotta color shine through. 

distressed pedestal dish with nailpolishes

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tiered tray with amber bottle


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