Lantern from Repurposed Parts

This was a quick and easy project from parts I found in my basement. Every once in a while I get the urge to just dig through my box of junk pieces and see what I can make. Sometimes I even surprise myself and am thrilled with the results! 

white lantern top and base

This project is one that I liked so much when it was finished that I used it right away.

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First I attached a few pieces that I thought would make a good base, not sure where I was going with this until I found the olive bucket looking piece. 

In case you don't recognize the pieces, this is an old spool, a mason jar lid, and a small vintage pie tin. 

All these pieces came from the thrift store at one time or another. 

pie tin, spool and mason jar lid

And I made the top with a small olive bucket looking piece, a vintage measuring cup, and a wooden knob. 

olive bucket, muffin tin and knob

And the fact that all these pieces fit together so perfectly was a bonus! 

I glued my pieces together with E6000 and hot glue. 

pie tin piece with spool and mason jar lid

One of the glues is good for instant stick and the other is the perfect long term solution.

E6000 sticks like forever! 

When I was happy with my creation I painted the whole thing white. 

white painted lantern base

I love that chalky paints stick to metal, it makes just about anything look like a cohesive piece once it's painted.  

I gave my lantern 2 coats and then distressed some of the edges with fine sandpaper. 

white painted lantern pieces

Finally I tied a jute rope around the top of the lantern and dropped in a candle. 

white painted lantern parts with candle

I wasn't thrilled with the tiny tea light candle so I bought new little votives that are battery powered and they have a beautiful bright light that flickers. 

Lantern in the dark with flickering light

I will try to show you the pretty flicker in this video...

This was a fun project and I'm very happy with the pretty lantern I made from old pieces from the basement. 

lantern in the dark with flickering light

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