Easy DIY Decorative Firecracker Bowl Fillers

I can not take credit for this cute idea but I'm going to put my own spin on it and put it out there for everyone looking to decorate a tiered tray or fill a bowl with decorations for summer and the Fourth of July. 

cork fireworks with glitter

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Supplies needed to make faux fireworks:

First gather the materials you will need for this project...

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supplies to make firecrackers

These are all supplies that are easy to find on Amazon or in the craft stores.

And, if you drink a lot of wine, you'll even have some supplies on hand! 

If you're not a wine drinker then you can also use the pre-made coin wrappers from the Dollar Tree.

Corks can also be purchased on Amazon

First I cut the scrapbook paper into strips the size of a cork. 

cork wrapped with scrapbook paper

I chose colors and patterns that would work for the Fourth of July. 

I hot glued the scrapbook paper around the cork. 

wrapping scrap book paper around cork

Next I stuck a short length of twine into the hole at the top of the cork with hot glue. 

If there isn't a hole from the corkscrew then you can use a scissor to make a small hole. 

top of firecrackers filled with glitter glue

I decorated the firecracker with small strips of beads, strips of contrasting scrapbook paper, and a few with glittered card stock. 


firecrackers with decorative paper

Next, I used inexpensive glitter glue to give a red tip to the fuse and to fill the top of the firecracker. 

glitter glue in the tops of the firecrackers

I think they look adorable in a wooden bowl and they look great in my summer themed tiered tray with all the red, white, and blue projects.

tiered tray with red, white and blue items

tiered tray with red white and blue

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bowl full of firecracker bowl fillers

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A few years ago I made a giant firecracker that we used to decorate for the fourth of July all the time. 

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firecrackers made with corks


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