How to Paint Rattan Earrings

I haven't been doing big earrings lately because they are usually very heavy.  When I found these incredibly light earrings I had to have more and when I couldn't find the colors I was looking for, I had an idea! 

rattan statement earrings

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First of all I love statement jewelry.

Big necklaces, large earrings, anything that grabs your attention and takes the attention away from other places! 😂

hanging jewelry in a closet

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The problem I have is that I haven't worn big earrings in years because once you've reached a "certain age", your ear lobes don't look good with big earrings. 

Do you know what I mean?

So when I found these beautiful light weight rattan earrings with posts, I was all in!  

light weight white rattan earrings

I bought one pair from Amazon to see how I would like them.

I loved them! 

You don't even know you're wearing earrings! 

They don't pull down your earlobes and they aren't heavy at all! 

So I decided I needed a few more pairs... only problem was, they didn't make them in colors. 

hoop earrings with a post

At least I couldn't find them on Amazon. 

I ended up ordering a set of 4 neutral colored, light weight rattan earrings and I'd see what I could do with them. 

I just love the textured look of the rattan!

rattan earring on a fish napkin

The earrings in the set were all very similar but in different shades of tan and since there were 4 in the set I decided to paint a couple of them to get the colors I was looking for. 

First I painted one of the pairs navy with craft paint

painting rattan earrings blue

You NEED navy earrings in the spring and summer. 

I gave them one quick coat and let a little of the rattan show through. 

blue circle rattan earrings

The other pair I painted a light green... they ended up looking amazing too! 

painting earrings green

So now I have 5 pairs of light weight statement earrings to wear this summer and 2 are now in the perfect colors. 

Hmmm... maybe I need matching rattan bracelets too?

green painted earrings

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earring on ear with overlay

So the moral of this story is... if you don't find the colors you need... use paint! 

blue rattan circle earrings

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tiered tray filled with earrings


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