Galvanized Steel Tiered Tray Makeover

I just love decorating my tiered tray for the season and for special holidays.

painted tiered tray shelves

Lately, I’ve been noticing all the beautiful tiered trays out there and I’m looking at mine like... Meh!

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galvanized steel tiered tray

I’ve been searching around and the ones I really like are white and distressed . 

Or beautiful wood with beads

Mine is large but it is a dark galvanized steel color. 

I really want the items I put in my tray to pop! 

All the large ones I’ve seen are really expensive! 

And then what do I do with the one I have? 

I’ll have to sell it.

If you’ve ever sold anything on a FB group you know what a pain that can be! 

So, should I spend the money on a new one or maybe DIY one?

I saw a beautiful one on Pinterest made with terra cotta saucers? 

But ya know it’s going to cost almost as much as buying one.

This morning I had another idea.

What if I just paint the one I have white? 

Would it look good? 

top view of painted tray

Will it give me the distressed look I’m after? 

So I just did it... another early morning DIY project! 

painting a galvanized tray sides

First, I washed and dried my tray. 

Next I began painting it with white chalky paint.

I gave it several light coats and let it dry between coats. 

painted white tiered tray

I gave the outside of the trays a dry brushed look so some of the dark galvanized steel would show through. 

It was looking amazing!

white tiered tray

I let it dry then gave the tray a coat of spray matte sealer to protect it against dirt, dust and scratches, especially on the inside. 

tiered tray with gnome

I feel like this little gnome can't wait to jump back inside!

This was the exact look I wanted and I didn’t have to spend a penny! 

white tiered tray with gnome and plant

I don’t know why I didn't think of this first! 

tiered tray for spring

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white tiered tray with Spring decor


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