Rustic Scrap Wood American Flag Project

Sometimes I just like to create from things I have around the house.  Today I'm making a stenciled American flag project made with found objects!  DIY Fourth of July decorations are my favorite this time of the year! 

stencil of an American flag with red paint

First I found myself a piece of old scrap wood. 

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I squared it off a little with my small circular saw so it was rectangular in shape. 

I stained the board with my favorite Rustoleum Transformations Decorative Glaze

You just paint it on and wipe it off and it gives you a great stained color and it's easy to clean up. 

When the stain was dry I laid an American flag stencil across my board diagonally. 

American flag stencil with red painted stripes

I wasn't too concerned about the placement. 

This American flag stencil came in a set from Amazon,  three different sizes I use all the time! 

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First I stenciled the stripes, 

then I painted in the blue field then stenciled the stars. 

stenciled American flag

I sanded all the edges with an electric sander. 

I searched my workshop for a number 4, in all the junky parts I have there was no number 4, every other number but no 4. 

close up of rusty 4 and a clothespin

So I made one... I used a rusty L bracket and a vintage clothespin to create the number 4. 

junky 4 on a scrap wood American flag

I used hot glue to attach it to my flag. 

Lastly, I drilled a hole in the top of the board and attached a piece of squiggly rebar wire to the top for a hanger. 

Scrap wood flag with junky 4 on it

I added a little red gingham ribbon and my flag was finished! 

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Scrap wood American flag with overlay

I was happy with my Fourth of July project and I didn't have to spend a cent! 

Wooden American flag with junky 4 and a bow

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