Hydrangea Gardening and a Beautiful Centerpiece

Do you love hydrangeas in the summer? I sure do! Problem is, I can't grow them very well! One year I will have 3 blooms, another year I will have a bush full of gorgeous flowers.  I may have figured out the secret this year! 

hydrangea centerpiece on a wooden table

I am wondering if the secret lies in the woody stalks that are left on the plant in the winter...

I've heard you should cut back the woody stalks in the Fall, and then I heard to do it in the Spring. 

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Truthfully, I'm no gardener but I'm really trying, last year we built a fence around the garden we had and planted vegetables for the first time. 

This year I'm trying something new...

I didn't cut back the hydrangea stalks at all, not in the Fall and not in the Spring. 

hydrangea bush

The bush looked terrible for a long time but now I have a very full bush filled with leaves and a ton of buds! 

hydrangea buds on the bush

Maybe NOT cutting back the woody stalks is not such a bad thing after all. 

It looks like it's going to be a good year! 

While I wait for the hydrangeas to bloom and look amazing...

I'm decorating my home with a basket filled with hydrangeas and assorted other flowers and stems from Nearly Natural

We all know how hard it is to keep cut hydrangeas, a faux centerpiece is perfect! 

Nearly natural centerpiece in kitchen with hutch in background

This is the Hydrangea Centerpiece.  

Nearly Natural describes this centerpiece as "A literal cornucopia of nature’s beauty, this Hydrangea arrangement is sure to please every eye that gazes upon it. Sporting far too many details and colors to describe, this amazing mixture of flowers, blooms, buds, berries, leaves, and stems is encased in a white ceramic bowl, making it the perfect centerpiece for any occasion."

Nearly Natural has gorgeous faux flower centerpieces, flower arrangements, and faux cut flowers. 

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Hydrangea centerpiece with green tray

I wrote about the gorgeous white tulips I got from them last year and they couldn't be more beautiful! 

faux tulips and a basket

I am truly a faux flowers kind of girl. 

faux hydrangea centerpiece

The flowers from Nearly Natural look amazing and who wouldn't love to receive a flower arrangement that doesn't die a few days later?! 

top view of hydrangea centerpiece

These flowers will look great all season and then pack them away for next summer and you'll have another season of gorgeous flowers. 

lamp and end table with hydrangea centerpiece

I want to thank Nearly Natural for providing me with the beautiful hydrangea centerpiece that will look beautiful on my table for the rest of the summer! 

hydrangea flower arrangement on kitchen table

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